What attire Do bankers wear?

Suits. Suits are the customary dress for the banking industry. A suit consists of a jacket and pants or a jacket and skirt of the same color and fabric. Dark colors such as black, charcoal and navy blue are most appropriate.

What is the best color for a business suit?

Blue and gray are always appropriate. Those colors also convey a good work ethic. Wear blues and grays when you will be meeting with your boss or even your boss’ boss. This is your most formal color.

What do finance people wear?

Investment Banking and Private Equity For men in investment banking or in other sell-side roles, this still means crisp, well-fitted shirts, blue or gray suits (not black or patterned, ever) and ties really only for client meetings if the client is more formal, such as most corporates or pension funds would be.

Should I wear a suit as a banker?

But a suit, as you should know, is nothing without a good white shirt. These days, many banks don’t even enforce suits in the office. Morgan Stanley, for example, advises its workers to wear just shirts and chinos — which means that the shirt is the most formal garment employees are required own.

How many suits should a banker own?

With this in mind, our foundational recommendation is that every man should own a minimum of three suits: one each in navy, charcoal and black. This combination is appropriate for all occasions.

Are black suits unprofessional?

Black is very formal For only the most formal weddings will you see black, and probably as a tuxedo, such as the sleek Henrik Tuxedo. Avoid wearing a black suit to work – it’s much too severe and solemn.

How many suits should an investment banker own?

Don’t get a suit with crazy pin-strips or patters, try looking for a nice Black, Gray, or Navy Blue suit. I would recommend buying at least 2 suits, 4-8 dress shirts, 2 shoes (one black and one brown), 3+ ties, 12+ dress socks, 3+ dress slacks and 2 belts (one black and one brown).

What are business professional colors?

Business professional for men typically refers to a dark-colored (gray, navy) suit and tie. The tie should be simple, avoiding bright colors or busy patterns. Men should wear a button-down shirt (preferably white or light-blue) and belt.

Is a blue suit unprofessional?

Light Gray and Blue are very casual suit colors and are perfect for summer-wear and casual events. They are both too casual for formal events.

What do finance guys wear?

A button-down shirt, a pair of slacks, and a fleece vest. The outfit, christened the “Midtown Uniform” by a popular Instagram account of the same name, appears to be standard issue for men in their twenties and thirties working in the financial-services industry.

What should a CFO wear?

Women should wear a blazer or business-appropriate dress and closed-toe shoes with a low heel. Men fare best in a suit or jacket and tie. Some companies now give employees the flexibility to choose attire based on their responsibilities (e.g., visiting clients versus doing desk work).