What are whole food supplements?

A whole food supplement is a complex formula that includes whole food-based plant ingredients, plant and animal extracts, desiccates, or synthetic ingredients as required to create the best dietary supplement for each health indication.

Is Quantum Nutrition Labs the same as premier research labs?

Texas Supplements has two brands; the one known as Premier Research Labs is sold exclusively through practitioners, and another that is sold direct to consumers. Texas Supplements’ consumer-facing brand is Quantum Nutrition Labs, also known as QN Labs.

Are Whole Foods better than supplements?

whole foods. Supplements aren’t intended to replace food. They can’t replicate all of the nutrients and benefits of whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Who owns Quantum Nutrition Labs?

Dr. Robert Marshall Ph.
Quantum Nutrition Labs was co-founded by Dr. Robert Marshall Ph. D., a full-time clinical nutritionist and his spouse, Dr. Linda Forbes, DC, LAc, DACBN, CCN, a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist.

Are Whole Food supplements Good For You?

Whole foods are believed to be a much better source of nutrients than synthetic forms of vitamins and minerals, which means that the benefits you are hoping to experience may be maximized when you choose a vitamin with whole food ingredients.

What is the difference between food supplement and multivitamins?

The main difference between vitamins and supplements is that vitamins are naturally-occurring nutrients in our body whereas supplements are naturally-occurring or synthetic chemicals taken as a complement to the diet.

What is Premier HCL good for?

Premier HCL features the powerful ingredient, betaine hydrochloride, which assists the body’s natural stomach acids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, especially protein, vitamin B12, calcium, iron and other minerals.

What is adaptogen R3 used for?

Premier Research Labs’s Adaptogen-R3™ is a comprehensive, multi-botanical formula that promotes the entire adaptogenic process while helping to moderate occasional mental and physical stress.

Why we should not take supplements?

Supplements aren’t always safe. Still, it’s important to be cautious when you put anything in your body. Dr. Millstein explains, “Supplements may interact with other medications you’re taking or pose risks if you have certain medical conditions, such as liver disease, or are going to have surgery.

Who is Dr Bob Marshall?

Dr. Marshall was the co-founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs and the host of “HealthLine Now”. In rebroadcasts of this popular program, listen as he answers callers’ health-related questions and helps listeners achieve their best health.

Why are whole food supplements better?