What are values and principle of heritage management?

Everyone should be able to participate in sustaining the historic environment. Understanding the significance of places is vital. Significant places should be managed to sustain their values. Decisions about change must be reasonable, transparent and consistent. Documenting and learning from decisions is essential.

What organizations are working to preserve our cultural heritage?

Organizations and agencies that work to protect cultural heritage and advocate on behalf of cultural heritage issues:

  • U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Centre.
  • ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives.
  • Archaeological Institute of America.
  • Society for American Archaeology.

What are values in heritage studies?

The term ‘heritage values’ refers to the meanings and values that individuals or groups of people bestow on heritage (including collections, buildings, archaeological sites, landscapes and intangible expressions of culture, such as traditions).

What is meant by heritage management?

Heritage management is a growing field that is concerned with the identification, protection, and stewardship of cultural heritage in the public interest.

What are the three values of heritage conservation?

Generally, the values most readily recognized are those important to professionals concerned with the heritage: historical, aesthetic, and scientific.

What is the main objective of heritage management?

The cultural heritage management is the measure aimed at ensuring the viability, identification, documentation, research, preservation, protection, promotion, enhancement, transmission as well as revitalization of cultural heritage.

Which Organisations conserve and preserve cultural and natural heritage?

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) seeks to encourage the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.

What is Organisational heritage?

Organisational heritage identity refers to claimed heritage identity traits of an organisation as conceived by organisational members (Balmer & Burghausen, 2015a).

Why do we value heritage?

Heritage is important because Our expression of this identity shows others what we value; it highlights our values and priorities. Our heritage provides clues to our past and how our society has evolved. It helps us examine our history and traditions and enables us develop an awareness about ourselves.

What is important of heritage management?

Heritage tourism management is concerned with the identification, interpretation, maintenance and preservation of significant cultural sites and physical heritage assets and tourist inflow and providing them adequate facilities to understand the heritage.

What are values in a culture?

Cultural values are the core principles and ideals upon which an entire community exists. This is made up of several parts: customs, which are traditions and rituals; values, which are beliefs; and culture, which is all of a group’s guiding values.