What are the troubleshooting steps for SCCM?

SCCM Troubleshooting 101: Overview

  1. Note any error codes in the console.
  2. Determine the log files to investigate.
  3. Open the log(s) in CMTrace.
  4. Study the log conversation.
  5. Lookup error codes.
  6. Solve the problem!

How can I learn SCCM at home?

To gain knowledge on SCCM:

  1. Watch Tutorials on Youtube.
  2. Go through videos on SCCM from TrainSignal or other computer based training material.
  3. Microsoft Virtual Lab [1] has free good quality video training on SCCM.
  4. Read SCCM Unleashed.
  5. Join technical blog to see what are common issues and how they were resolved.

What does MP mean in SCCM?

Preferred management points are management points from a client’s assigned site that are associated with a boundary group that the client uses to find site system servers.

How do you check SCCM client is working or not?

The easy way to confirm that the client is retrieving and processing SCCM policy is to first look at the Configuration Manager Properties dialog. Especially important is to note the Actions tab and the total number of tabs as shown in Figure 3.

Where are SCCM logs?

The default path to find the SCCM server logs files is in your SCCM Installation Directory\Logs. If you’ve used the default installation directory, it will be located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs.

How do I become a SCCM specialist?

To become an SCCM administrator, you typically need expertise with the SCCM product and relevant experience. Some employers may require you to have an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field.

What is SCCM beginner?

SCCM console is an administrative tool where an admin can perform various device management, application deployment, network, and server administration tasks. This is the single pane of glass from where SCCM admin can perform Applications, Patch, OS deployments, and many more administrative functions.

How much do SCCM admins make?

SCCM Administrator Salary The average salary for an SCCM administrator is around $94,000 per year, with highs of around $134,000 and lows of $46,000.

How do you check MP is working fine in SCCM?

Open “Configuration Manager Console”, navigate to \Monitoring\Overview\System Status\Site Status and select “Management Point” from list of “Site System Role”. If the status is showing OK and green tick icon, it means MP is healthy.

How do I configure an MP?

How to enable the Preferred Management point

  1. Launch the Configuration Manager Console, Select the Administration tab, Expand Overview -> expand Site Configuration. Select Sites.
  2. In Hierarchy Settings Properties window. Select Clients prefer to use management points specified in boundary groups. Click Apply and then click OK.