What are the rules for 20km walk?

The 20 kilometre race walk is an Olympic athletics event that is competed by both men and women. The racewalking event is competed as a road race. Athletes must always keep in contact with the ground and the supporting leg must remain straight until the raised leg passes it.

What is the rule for race walking?

Race walking is a long-distance footrace in which the athletes must walk and not run. In race walking, there is a rule known as the “straight leg rule,” which means the moment the leading foot touches the ground and until the leg passes under the center of the body, the knee is not allowed to bend.

What are the 2 main rules of race walking?

There are two major walking rules-

  • One foot must be in contact with the ground all the times and.
  • the supporting leg must be straight, not bent at the knee, from the moment the foot touches the ground until the supporting leg passes below the body.

What is the penalty zone in race walking?

When an athlete is given three red cards, rather than this leading to disqualification, they are taken to a pit lane where they serve a time penalty dependent on the distance of the race (one minute for 10km races, two minutes for 20km races and five minutes for 50km races).

How long is a 20km race walk?

12.4 mi
The modern Olympic events are the 20 km (12.4 mi) race walk (men and women) and 50 km (31 mi) race walk (men only).

How do you judge a race walk?

There are two things the judges of race walking look for: apparent foot contact with the ground, and straight-leg action. The advancing foot must look like it has contacted the ground before the toes of the rear foot have left the ground.

What is a yellow and red card in race walking?

Yellow paddles do not contribute to a disqualification. Once awarded a yellow paddle an athlete knows the judge will be taking a close look at technique. If the judge is completely certain the athlete is not complying with the rules they will then award a red card.

Is there a penalty box in race walking?

For a 10k race, runners will be in the penalty zone for one minute. For a 60k, runners will be stuck in the penalty zone for five minutes. Burnett walks 60-100 miles a week but says it’s not easy for all.

How do you get disqualified from race walking?

According to the rules of racewalking, one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times. If a walker “lifts,” or loses contact with the ground with both feet as judged by the naked eye, he or she may be disqualified by a judge during a racewalking competition.

What is warning in 20km walk?

Judges inspect the race and carry paddles with symbols for loss of contact and bent knee. If a race walker is shown three warnings (paddles) from different judges, including the chief judge, it leads to disqualification.