What are the 4th Power?

In arithmetic and algebra, the fourth power of a number n is the result of multiplying four instances of n together. So: n4 = n × n × n × n. Fourth powers are also formed by multiplying a number by its cube.

Who are the members of 4th Impact?

Celina Cercado
Almira CercadoMylene CercadoIrene CercadoElvira Cercado
4th Impact/Members

Did 4th Power win Britain’s got talent?

4th Impact is a Filipino girl group composed of sisters Almira, Irene, Mylene and Celina Cercado. The group competed in the twelfth season of the British singing contest The X Factor, where they finished in fifth place.

How old are the 4th power?

The quartet – who have also performed under the names Gollayan Sisters and Cercado Sisters – are aged between 19 and 27, and told X Factor viewers that they have been singing as a band since 2001.

What is the fourth power of 4?

Answer: The value of 4 to the 4th power i.e., 44 is 256.

What happened to Alex and Sierra?

On September 1, 2017, Alex & Sierra announced via Twitter that they had broken up a year prior and had attempted to continue as friends. However, they realized that it was time for them to no longer continue making music together, and instead decided to focus on their own careers.

Who is the leader of 4th Impact?


Name Position(s) Year Active
Almira Leader 2001 – present
Irene Main Dancer 2001 – present
Mylene N/A 2001 – present
Celina Main Rapper 2001 – present

Why was 4th Impact eliminated?

th Impact were booted out of X Factor after Simon Cowell sent the results show to deadlock. The Filipino four piece – made up of sisters Almira, Mylene, Irene and Celina – found themselves in the sing-off against Rita Ora’s Lauren Murray.

How old are the girls in 4th Impact?

4th Impact – sisters Almira (28), Mylene (23), Irene (25) and Celina (19) – made their way through not just through the open auditions, but also through Bootcamp, the 6-Chair Challenge, the Judges’ Houses round, and through weeks out of live shows.

Is 4th Impact and 4th Power the same?

The group named 4th Impact (formerly known as 4th Power) is composed of four sisters who travelled to Britain all the way from the Philippines. Almira Cercado is the oldest who is 27 at that time and is followed by Irene Cercado, 25, Mylene Cercado, 23, and the youngest Celina Cercado who is 19.

Who is the oldest in 4th impact?