What are Sorbothane insoles?

Sorbothane® is a unique material that naturally cradles the foot in comfort and protects the entire body by absorbing up to 94.7% of impact shock. Unlike standard insole materials, which can bottom out and lose effectiveness, Sorbothane® ensures comfort step after step.

How long do Sorbothane insoles last?

ten years
Even though the Sorbothanes are expensive, they last for up to ten years and can be washed along with the boot insoles.

Is Sorbothane used in shoes?

The best shoe insole material available today is Sorbothane®, a shoe insole that absorbs damaging energy—such as the energy due to impact shock—providing essential protection for your feet.

Can you trim Sorbothane insoles?

The Sorbothane Sorbo Pro Insoles can easily be trimmed, and they could potentially fit into everyday shoes as well.

What is Sorbothane made of?

Sorbothane® is a thermoset, polyether-based, polyurethane material. In addition to being visco-elastic, Sorbothane® also has a very high damping coefficient. Sorbothane® combines shock absorption, good memory, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics.

How much does Sorbothane cost?

Common Specifications

Title Price
MORE LESS 6″ x 12″ Sorbothane Sheet $28.00 Qty 10+ $25.00 Request Quote
MORE LESS 6″ x 12″ Sorbothane Sheet with PSA $28.00 Qty 10+ $25.00 Request Quote
MORE LESS 12″ x 12″ Sorobothane Sheet $35.50 Qty 10+ $31.50 Request Quote

What is Sorbothane used for?

Sorbothane® has wide applications in: Shock absorption in industrial, electronic, athletic and medical applications. Vibration isolation in industrial, electronic and ergonomic applications. Vibration damping in industrial, electronic and ergonomic applications. Gasket/sealing in industrial and electronic applications.

How good is Sorbothane?

How efficient is Sorbothane® as a shock absorber? Depending upon the application, Sorbothane® can absorb up to 94.7% of the shock energy.

Why is Sorbothane good?

Sorbothane combines good memory, shock absorption, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics. In addition, Sorbothane is an effective acoustic damper and absorber. While many materials exhibit one of these characteristics, Sorbothane combines all of them in a stable material with a long fatigue life.

Is Sorbothane heavy?

The unique Sorbothane urethane is a durable, resilient, polymer that provides outstanding vibration isolation and non-skid properties. These pads feature a top and bottom layer of heavy duty fabric bonded directly into the rubber surface. This fabric adds significant shear strength and abrasion resistance.