What are premium seats like on Virgin Atlantic?

Your Premium seat You’ll have plenty of space to get comfortable in your seat, which is one of the biggest in its class. With extra width and recline compared to Economy seats, you can also keep your phone or tablet fully charged with in-seat power outlets.

Is premium economy worth it on Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy gets 5 stars in this review Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy. Virgin Atlantic felt genuinely premium at every point – from check in to the entire in-flight experience. The Virgin Premium Economy seats plan and seats create a feeling of space and comfort. The footrest was a nice touch.

What do you get with Virgin premium economy?

Frequently asked questions about Virgin Atlantic premium economy. Premium passengers on Virgin Atlantic get two free checked bags, Priority check-in, boarding, and luggage delivery, upgraded meals and a welcome drink, and a roomier leather seat with extra legroom.

Does Virgin Atlantic premium economy get lounge access?

A Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy ticket doesn’t grant you an immediate pass into the airport lounge. By far, the easiest way to ensure you can access an airport lounge is with a credit card – Virgin Credit Card gives you access to Virgin airline’s first-class lounge even when flying Premium Economy.

Do you get free drinks on Virgin premium economy?

Premium Economy serves better food and drink As for beverages, you’ll often get a free drink when you board – Virgin and Qantas offer a free glass of bubbly after take-off, while Cathay Pacific will keep you hydrated with complimentary bottles of water.

What is the difference between Virgin economy and premium?

Perhaps the most noticeable difference between economy and premium economy will be in your seat itself. You can expect a slightly wider seat with one or two fewer seats per row compared with economy, around four to five more inches of legroom and the seat will recline noticeably further.

What does premium economy mean on Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic launched its new premium seats this week, and they let you recline seven inches. Their economy seats have a maximum recline of five inches. So all you get is an extra two inches of lie-back and try-to-forget-the-engine-roar. The cost. Expect to pay 50% to 150% more than economy prices.

Is British Airways premium economy better than Virgin Atlantic?

In general, following recent improvements by British Airways, both airlines now offer comparable premium economy products although Virgin Atlantic retains a slight edge.

Do you get priority boarding with premium economy?

This is where opting for a Premium Economy product can help, by offering private screening areas for faster security checks, priority boarding and expedited baggage delivery.