What are examples of weasel words?

Weasel words and phrases include “may,” “might,” “could,” “can,” “can be,” “virtually,” “up to,” “as much as,” “help,” “like,” “believe,” “possibly,” and similar qualifiers that create enough wiggle room for a rhino. Some of the weasel words are qualifiers.

What are the main weasel words?

11 Weasel Word Examples and Why You Shouldn’t Say Them

  • 1) “Well … ” When buyers ask you questions, give them straightforward answers.
  • 2) “Research shows … ” or “Experts say … ”
  • 3) “I would say that … ”
  • 4) “Often”
  • 5) “Probably” or “Possibly”
  • 6) “Some” or “Many”
  • 7) “Could be”
  • 8) “The user” or “The person”

What is a weasel words technique?

Weasel words are words or phrases that are opinions and exaggerated statements. The words “better”, “best”, “greatest”, and “finest” are typically used in deceptive advertisements.

What is the make sentence of weasel?

1. When the weasel and the cat make a marriage, it is a very ill presage. 2. The weasel is a very pretty little creature.

What are peacock and weasel terms?

The peacock is an impressive-looking bird and the weasel is a shrewd little predator.

Why is only a weasel word?

Origin. The expression weasel word may have derived from the egg-eating habits of weasels. An article published by the Buffalo News attributes the origin of the term to William Shakespeare’s plays Henry V and As You Like It, in which the author includes similes of weasels sucking eggs.

Why are weasel words used in advertising?

Weasel words, or phrases, are used in marketing/advertising in order to avoid making a direct statement or promise. I.e. they are used as a way to say something that legally, or truthfully, cannot be said.

How do you replace weasel words?

Weasel words weaken prose. But how do you fix them?…I’ve italicized the weasel words in these examples to make them stand out.

  1. Delete the weasel word and see if the sentence is still true.
  2. Make a more specific statement.
  3. Quantify.
  4. Use expressive verbs.
  5. Rewrite based on what you actually believe.

How smart are weasels?

Weasels lack the emotional and spiritual maturity found in the larger carnivores. They are masters of chaos and their above average intelligence allows them to think fast on their feet.

What are peacock terms?

In Wikipedia, a peacock term is language that shows off the importance of a subject without giving any real information. For example, compare: William Peckenridge, 1st Duke of Omnium (1602? – May 8, 1671) is considered, by some people, to be the most important man ever to carry that title.