Should Indigenous studies be a part of Ontario curriculum?

Ontario announces mandate to include Indigenous learning for Grades 1 to 3. The Ontario government announced on Wednesday the curriculum for Grades 1 through 3 will be revised to include First Nations, Metis, and Inuit education as well as the history of the residential school system.

What is curriculum of indigenous education?

Indigenous education specifically focuses on teaching indigenous knowledge, models, methods, and content within formal or non-formal educational systems.

What subjects do Indigenous schools include in their curriculum?

At present, Ontario’s curriculum includes Indigenous topics in social studies for Grades 4-6, and in history classes in Grades 7, 8 and 10. According to the government release, the new curriculum for Grades 1-3 is being developed in a process with “Indigenous partners, Elders and Knowledge Holders.”

What curriculum is followed in Ontario?

The Ontario Curriculum, which is also known as the Canadian Curriculum, starts off at Kindergarten which will last about two years. After Kindergarten, students will enter into Elementary Schools from Grade 1 to Grade 8. From Grade 1 to Grade 6, literacy, numeracy and learning skills are well built.

What is the goal of the Skills Ontario Fnmi trades and tech days?

Skills Ontario’s Trades and Tech Days are an opportunity for youth who identify as First Nations, M├ętis, Inuit (FNMI) and non-Status to meet and network with community members who have already chosen a career in the skilled trades and technologies.

How do you teach indigenous knowledge in the classroom?

Where to start?

  1. Understand why incorporating Indigenous perspectives is important in science and other areas. By introducing Indigenous perspectives into your teaching your students will develop:
  2. Involve Aboriginal people.
  3. Use the teacher support materials.
  4. Explore the background and research section of this website.

How do you teach indigenous students?


  1. Allow students to achieve success in private not in front of large groups.
  2. Avoid problem-solving and inquiry-based learning.
  3. Allow students to complete tasks in small groups.
  4. Incorporate instruction of Standard English whilst acknowledging Aboriginal English as a legitimate form of language.

Are residential schools taught in Ontario curriculum?

Ontario’s curriculum now includes the history of residential schools, but the status quo still prevails in Indigenous education.

Is Aboriginal history taught in schools?

Most early settlement history is taught in primary school, where children learn about European exploration and the First Fleet, Aboriginal perspectives and resistance, and the Australian colonies. In years 7 and 8, students learn about “the ancient past”, including ancient Australia.

What province has the best education system in Canada?

Public Education in Alberta Alberta’s students are touted as the highest-ranked in Canada and its education system is often cited as one of the best in the world.