Is Winchester Power Point ammo any good?

The Winchester Power Point is a great bullet that has been consistent for years. It can take down game animals of all sizes quickly and easily, and many hunters feel there’s no need to try anything else.

Is Winchester 22LR ammo good?

Surprisingly, the 333 bulk packaged Winchester 22LR came in the most accurate of all the bulk ammo types tested in our 2014 22LR test. I squeezed very adequate accuracy out of the Marlin 795, Norinco NS522, and printed a great 0.44″ group at 50 yards from the Savage Mk II.

Is a Winchester Power Point a hollow point?

Product Details. Winchester® originally developed Super-X® Power-Point® Rimfire Ammo, using a 40-grain hollow-point bullet, for rabbit control in Australia’s Outback.

Who makes Winchester Powerpoint bullets?

All throughout the 20th Century the Winchester Ammunition Company (now a subsidiary of FN-Browning Herstal S.A. of Belgium) has contributed to the evolution of hunting and sports shooting practices by prompting several revolutions in the field of ammunition with the invention of now widely popular, almost legendary …

Is Winchester Power Point good for deer?

Winchester’s 180 grain Power Point in . 300 WSM is a good all-around hunting load. Used at reasonable ranges, it is suitable for antelope, deer, elk, moose, black bear, and African plains game.

What is Winchester 22lr power point?

22 Long Rifle 42-Grain Hollow Point Ammunition. This Winchester . 22 LR ammunition features the power point hollow point projectile for improved ballistics and optimal expansion. The cartridges utilize a 42-grain bullet capable of traveling at 1320 fps, giving them 162 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle.

What is a Winchester PowerPoint bullet?

Winchester’s Power Point ammunition is developed with the whitetail hunter in mind. It’s a uniquely exposed soft nose jacketed bullet that delivers maximum energy on target. It delivers uniform expansion for massive energy release via its strategically placed notches that surround the mouth of the jacket.