Is white Dutch clover good for lawns?

If you’re looking for a lawn alternative to traditional grass, you may want to consider a Dutch white clover lawn. Whether you prefer the look of a grass lawn and want to keep your lawn looking neat and simple or want to take landscaping to another level, Dutch clover can be a nice addition to your lawn or garden.

Does Dutch white clover spread?

White clover has a creeping growth habit and spreads with stolons or “runners” (Figure 1) above the soil with adventitious roots forming at each node.

How tall does Dutch white clover get?

between 4-8 inches
White Dutch clover, which grows anywhere between 4-8 inches, is one of the lower-growing clover varieties. This makes it a strong candidate as a lawn grass alternative or as an addition to turfgrass lawns.

How fast does white Dutch clover spread?

For over-seeding and existing lawns, sow 4-6 oz of seed per 1,000 sq ft of ground. 4 oz of seed per 1,000 sq ft should be plenty if sown at the same time as grass seed. Dutch White Clover will sprout in 7-10 days and have your garden fresh and healthy in no time!

Can I plant clover instead of grass?

But before you squash the shamrock-shaped intruders, consider the benefits of keeping clover as a low-maintenance, eco-friendly grass alternative or companion plant. Clover requires fewer harsh chemicals than regular lawns, tolerates tough growing conditions, and fixes nitrogen in the soil for other plants to thrive.

Can you mow Dutch white clover?

Set your mower on the lowest height while your Dutch clover is in bloom, usually in summer, to remove the flowers before they set seed. However, if your lawn has bare spots and you want your clover to self-seed, wait to mow it until after the flowers dry out. Your clover might also produce a second set of blooms.

Is Dutch clover invasive?

Planting clover in the garden will also help attract bees and other pollinators. Clover can, however, be highly invasive in some areas, as it spreads rapidly by seed and from the roots.

Is there a difference between white clover and Dutch white clover?

The term “white clover” is applied to the species in general, “Dutch clover” is often applied to intermediate varieties (but sometimes to smaller varieties), and “ladino clover” is applied to large varieties.

Is clover better than grass?

Can I just throw clover seed on the ground?

Yes, you want to let the clover bloom and flower before trimming it down. The clover will spread to fill the bare spots although it can take a while, and other weeds can take over the spots during this time. We’ve had good luck spreading microclover seed in bare spots.

What type of clover is best for lawns?

Dutch White Clover
For lawns, the most popular is Dutch White Clover (Trifolium repens) because it is relatively low growing, tolerates close mowing, and out competes other foreign weeds.

Can you plant clover instead of grass?

If you are in a cooler region then clover can be planted as a lawn substitute. Clover is not as hardy as grass to foot traffic, but otherwise has its advantages such as low maintenance.