Is there a Van Halen tribute band?

Completely Unchained, The #1 Van Halen tribute band in the country, is considered The most authentic Tribute to The Mighty VH! The look, the sounds and most of all The FUN Van Halen created as one of the biggest rock bands in the world!

Who are the members of completely unchained?

Aside from Henrikson, who portrays Roth, the talented foursome includes Jake Miller, as lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen; Kevin Humphris, as bass guitarist Michael Anthony; and Tony Lazzara as drummer Alex Van Halen.

Who was in Atomic Punks?

Joe Lester
Michael Starr
Atomic Punks/Members

Is Van Halen going to tour again?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Van Halen scheduled in 2022.

When was diver down recorded?

Diver Down is the fifth studio album by American rock band Van Halen and was released on April 14, 1982….

Diver Down
Recorded January–March 1982
Studio Sunset Sound, Los Angeles
Genre Hard rock heavy metal
Length 31:04

Who was the lead singer of the Atomic Punks?

The Atomic Punks consist of four members. They are: Vocals, Brian Geller; Guitar, Lance Turner; Bass, Joe Lester; Drums/Percussion, Scott Patterson. More information on the band and its members is available in biography section.

What is Michael Stars real name?

Ralph Michael Saenz
Michael Starr (singer)

Michael Starr
Birth name Ralph Michael Saenz
Also known as David Lee Ralph Michael Diamond Michael Saenz
Born May 17, 1965 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Origin Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Will Van Halen tour in 2022?

Why did Van Halen call it diver down?

The cover of the album and the title, as Roth said at the time, had naval connotations – the red background with the white diagonal slash that was on the front of the album was actually the signal flag that was hoisted on a boat when a diver had gone overboard.

Why is it called diver down?

The cover art for the album features a “diver down” flag, which is used when a scuba diver is underwater in the area. 14. David Lee Roth once explained that the title of the album and the cover art was meant to imply “there was something going on that’s not apparent to your eyes…

Is Michael Starr married?

Jocelyn SaenzMichael Starr / Spouse