Is there a Just Dance K-pop version?

100% Official, Genuine Product. This is Korean Version released by Intra Games Korea. Let’s learn Korean while playing masterpiece games! Korean Edition supports Korean subtitles….Product information.

Date First Available October 16, 2019

Does Just Dance 2022 have K-pop songs?

Is there K-Pop songs on Just Dance 2022? Yes, there are three K-Pop songs and one “K-Pop inspired” song in Just Dance 2022. The songs are: Boombayah by BLACKPINK.

Will BTS songs be on Just Dance?

“Dynamite” by BTS is featured on Just Dance 2021.

Are there K-pop songs on Just Dance 2020?

The current official tracklist of “Just Dance 2020” includes other K-pop songs such as Blackpink’s “Kill This Love” and 2NE1’s “I Am The Best.”

Is there ITZY in Just Dance?

The background flash in a light version of its color. As the song went to seconds before the choruses, the kaleidoscopic images are moved aside and Ryujin, a member of ITZY, appears in clones by the side of the dancer, using moves from the official choreography before the choruses.

Is ITZY in Just Dance?

Loco by Itzy mirrored version performed by Ryujin & Chaeryeong Presented by DANCING GHOUL ALL RIGHTS GO TO JYP ENT.

What Blackpink songs are in Just Dance?

“Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” (stylized as “DDU-DU DDU-DU”) by Blackpink is featured on Just Dance 2019, Just Dance Now, Just Dance Unlimited, and 舞力无限.

Why doesnt Just Dance have BTS?

If you’re talking about the Just Dance game, probably because the company didn’t buy the rights for BTS songs or because their choreography was too hard to render in game form. Well, here’s the tea- Just Dance doesn’t have BTS songs on the game because of the advanced choreography that comes with it.

What is the hardest Blackpink choreography?


Is there a Korean Just Dance?

Just Dance: Korean Edition is a game only released in North Korea and South Korea. It was released on August 12, 2016 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, and Wii U.