Is Versajet excisional debridement?

The use of a VersaJet, without additional surgical cutting away of tissue is classified as non-excisional.

What is Versajet?

VERSAJET◊ II The VERSAJET II Hydrosurgery System uses a razor-thin saline jet to optimize surgical debridement. The system enables a surgeon to precisely select, excise and evacuate nonviable tissue, bacteria and contaminants from wounds, burns and soft tissue injuries using a tissue-preserving technique.

How do you code excisional debridement?

For excisional debridement of muscle or fascia, coders would report CPT code 11043 (debridement, muscle or fascia [includes epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue, if performed]; first 20 sq. cm or less) for the first 20 sq. cm and add-on code 11046 (debridement, muscle or fascia; each additional 20 sq.

Is curette a debridement?

Surgical sharp and conservative sharp debridement is performed by a skilled practitioner using surgical instruments such as scalpel, curette, scissors, rongeur, and forceps. This debridement type promotes wound healing by removing biofilm and devitalized tissue.

What is the difference between excisional debridement and non excisional debridement?

Minor removal of loose fragments with scissors or using a sharp instrument to scrape away tissue is not an excisional debridement. A non-excisional debridement of the skin is the non-operative brushing, irrigating, scrubbing, or washing of devitalized tissue, necrosis, slough, or foreign material.

What is non excisional debridement?

Cleaning, brushing, scrubbing, washing, irrigating of wound; chemical or enzymatic treatment; or minor trimming/scraping to remove fragments of dead tissue. Debridement is usually only to level of subcutaneous tissue.

What is Autolytic wound debridement?

Autolytic debridement is the lysis, or breakdown, of damaged tissue at a wound site by the body’s natural defence system by enzymes that digest specific components of body tissues or cells, e.g. proteins, fibrin and collagen (Ramundo 2007).

Is Eschar necrotic tissue?

Eschar is a type of necrotic tissue that is dryer than slough, adheres to the wound bed, and has a spongy or leather-like appearance.

What is the ICD 10 PCS code for excisional debridement?

If an excisional debridement the code would be 0HBMXZZ Excision of right foot skin, external approach. Example: Excisional debridement of skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscle of buttocks. (Accounting for laterality), 0KBP3ZZ Excision of left hip muscle, percutaneous approach.

Is surgical debridement the same as excisional debridement?

One thing to keep in mind, is the difference between an excisional debridement and a non-excisional debridement. An excisional debridement: Is a surgical procedure that involves an excisional method of removal, or cutting away tissue, necrosis and/or slough. Groups to a surgical MS-DRG.