Is there a city of Ember 2?

The People of Sparks (The City of Ember Book 2)

What do the instructions say in City of Ember?

The instructions told the people of Ember how to escape from the underground city to the world above. It was to be passed down from each mayor to his successor, all entrusted to not open the box and to keep it in secure storage.

What is the warning in the City of Ember?

Warning: it tells about the end of the book. In the City of Ember it is told upon creation that no one can leave for at least two hundred years or two hundred twenty. On assignment day it is 241.

What is the theme of the City of Ember?

Selfishness, Greed, and Corruption.

Why is City of Ember underground?

The City of Ember (later unofficially renamed the City of Darkhold) or just simply known as Ember was an underground city created to protect humanity from a huge disaster for at least 200 years. However, it held the inhabitants for a bit over 241 years. Ember was built entirely underground.

What is in the box in the City of Ember?

The Box was a small metal box that held the Instructions for leaving Ember. When Ember first became inhabited, the Builders set the timed locking mechanism for 200 years, and sealed it.

What was the creature in City of Ember?

Giant Mole
This unnamed giant mole is a creature that had been mutated from exposure to nuclear radiation. It lives within the sewers near the underground city of Ember.

What are some symbols in The City of Ember?

The City of Ember Symbols

  • The Singing. The Singing represents the deep sense of community present in Ember.
  • Colored Pencils. The colored pencils Lina purchases from Looper illustrate the consequences of greed, selfishness, and desperation that plague Ember.
  • The Seed and the Worm.
  • The River.

What was the author’s purpose for writing City of Ember?

The main message of the author of the novel is always to stay a human. Despite the fact that Lina and Doon are still children, they have humanity. They do not forget about the other inhabitants of Ember and try to inform them about the way out and the fact that there is life on the Earth.