Is the Shoei GT-air a good helmet?

Overall. The Shoei GT-Air is a nice crash helmet. It looks stylish, is terribly well finished, really quiet but only average for safety. If you’re in the UK or Oz, it comes with a double-d ring fastener (which means it would be suitable for the track) but in some territories, it comes with Shoei’s ratchet fastener.

Is the Shoei GT-Air quiet?

With the vents closed, the GT-Air II is comfortably quiet, but once the vents are open the noise level goes up considerably. The CNS-1 face shield is the same as that used on the original GT-Air, and comes with a Pinlock EVO fog-resistant insert.

Is the Shoei GT-Air Snell approved?

That’s been Snell certified too and owners rate it highly for comfort and ventilation. It’s a relatively basic helmet but it’s available for a fraction of the price of the others.

What shape is Shoei GT-Air?

The GT-Air II is a DOT-rated full-face helmet with an intermediate oval shape. It features Shoei’s proprietary multi-layer Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) shell that’s both lightweight and super strong.

How quiet is Shoei GT Air 2?

Shoei GT Air 2 Road Test The GT Air 2 also did very well for noise isolation since we got a measurement of about 97 decibels. Our rider confirmed that it was as comfortable as Shoei said also.

How much does a GT Air bike weight?

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Color Email Me Colors, GT Yellow, Guinness Black, Trans Black

Is ECE safer than Snell?

For this reason, ECE helmets are largely considered to be the safer standard over DOT or Snell. In addition, the ECE also tests 50 helmets, which mitigates the risk of defective helmets slipping through. Also, unlike the DOT standard, manufacturers cannot self-certify.

Are Shoei helmets safe?

Shoei premium helmets 12 Shoei helmets were safety tested using the SHARP system, producing an impressive average score of 4.2 stars out of five for the entire lineup. Two of its latest helmets scored the max five stars, making Shoei one of the safest brands out there.

How much does a Shoei GT-Air weigh?

3.6 pounds
Our medium size GT-Air weighed in at 1633 grams or 3.6 pounds, which puts it in the middle range of helmet weights.

How safe is the Shoei GT-Air 2?

Safety. Well, like all helmets for sale in the US, it’s DOT certified (it’s also ECE 22.05 certified), meaning it’ll not fall apart on its first bump. However it only scored a fairly average 3 star rating in the SHARP crash helmet safety test, scoring badly on the side impact tests.

When did Shoei GT 2 release?

Shoei GT Air II set to launch March 2019.

How much does a Shoei GT Air weigh?