Is the Panavia Tornado good?

“It provided a world-beating capability to fly in cloud, at night, at 250 ft., being undetected by enemy air defenses.” Because of the nuclear threat, the Tornado could fly old-school if its avionics systems went down, with crews using a map and stopwatch as well as night vision goggles if the conditions required.

Which is best Typhoon or Rafale?

The Rafale is a better bomber AND and a better dogfighter. Even F-16 of F/A-18 have good chances to defeat typhoons in a moke fight. Lies about the superiority of the Typhoon vanished when they had to face reality. Typhoon stays a good interceptor and there is no surprise with that, it was designed for a such role.

Was the Tornado ADV any good?

Tornado ADV The ADV’s limitations are well documented but centre around poor agility, poor medium and high altitude performance and a painfully slow radar development process. In exercises towards the end of the 20th century, SkyFlash-armed Tornado F3s did very badly against German F-4Fs equipped with AMRAAMs.

Are any Panavia Tornados still flying?

All three variants remain operational, but their numbers are dwindling as the nation plans to completely withdraw the platform from service in 2025. AFI data states that, as of October 6, 2020, just 85 examples of the 357 aircraft delivered remained in operational service, comprising 50 IDS’, 20 ECRs and 15 IDS(T)s.

How fast is Panavia Tornado?

Panavia Tornado
Maximum speed Mach 2.2 clean Mach 1.8 with stores
Cruising speed 921 mph 1,482 km/h
Range See Notes
Ceiling (IDS) Above 50,000 ft (ADV) 70,000 ft (IDS) Above 15,240 m (ADV) 21,300 m

What plane replaced the Tornado?

The Eurofighter has now replaced the Tornado ADV in the air-defence role.

How fast is a Panavia Tornado?

1,490 mph
Tornado fact file

Date: 1989
Mark: F.3
Crew: 2 (pilot, navigator)
Top speed: 1,490 mph (2,400 km/h)
Range: 1,151 miles (1,853 km)

How many Panavia Tornado does Germany have?

The total number of Tornados delivered to the German Air Force numbered 247, including 35 ECR variants. Originally Tornados equipped five fighter-bomber wings (Geschwader), with one tactical conversion unit and four front line wings, replacing the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter.

How many tornadoes jets does Germany have?

The total number of Tornados delivered to the German Air Force numbered 247, including 35 ECR variants.