Is Radio 5 Live free?

BBC Radio 5 live radio stream live and for free.

How can I watch BBC Radio 5 Live?

Mobile: You can listen to 5 Live on your smartphone if you visit via your mobile browser. Our mobile site also provides access to our schedule, clips and more. Please note: Streaming radio is a data intensive service.

Can I listen to Radio 5 Live on my phone?

Supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Conveniently listen to BBC Radio 5 live via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

What has happened to Radio 5 Live?

Overnight shows at BBC Radio 5 Live have been temporarily suspended due to a shortage of staff at the station’s MediaCity HQ. BBC World Service will be rebroadcast instead until at least April 4th 2022.

What channel is Radio 5 Live on Freeview?

BBC Radio 5 Live

Frequency MW: 693 kHz, 909 kHz, 990 kHz and on selected BBC Local Radio stations’ frequencies overnight. DAB: 12B Freeview: 705 Freesat: 705 Sky (UK only): 0105 Virgin Media: 905 Virgin Media Ireland: 911 Astra 2E (28.2°E) satellite Intelsat 901 (18°W) satellite
Language(s) English

How do I listen to BBC radio live?

Just tap on a station to start the live stream. To find our local BBC radio stations, select Stations & Schedules. You can press the downward arrow at the top of the screen to continue scrolling through the app while the live stream plays. Just press the pause button to stop playback.

Why is 5 live not on FM?

Re: Why is 5 live not an FM station? FM has much better signal quality which makes it more suited to carrying music. 5Live is talk radio so it doesn’t really need FM.

Who is on radio Five Live now?

Adrian ChilesWith Steffan Powell.

How do I get radio on Freeview?

The Radio channels can be found in the 700+ channel range or alternatively, you can easily see the list of radio channels on your box by pressing the blue button in the Guide and selecting the Radio category. You can check which Freeview radio channels are available in your area by checking on the Freeview website.

Is BBC Sounds free to listen to?

BBC Sounds is available for free from Apple, Google Play, Amazon and online at