Is McLaughlin a Viking name?

McLaughlin originally appeared in Gaelic as Mac Lochlainn or O Maoilsheachlainn. The first name is derived from a Norse personal name, while the second name originally designated a follower of St. Secundinus.

Where is the McLaughlin clan from in Ireland?

In Modern times bearers of the name are still mostly found in Counties Donegal and Derry. The McLaughlin family crest (or coat of arms) came into existence many centuries ago.

What part of Scotland is McLaughlin from?

The surname McLaughlin was first found in Argyllshire (Gaelic erra Ghaidheal), the region of western Scotland corresponding roughly with the ancient Kingdom of Dál Riata, in the Strathclyde region of Scotland, now part of the Council Area of Argyll and Bute, where this Clan first settled in Scotland in 1100 when …

How common is the last name McLaughlin in Ireland?

McLaughlin Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
Canada 11,451 1:3,218
England 11,120 1:5,011
Scotland 7,618 1:703
Northern Ireland 5,734 1:322

What does the name McLaughlin mean in Irish?

McLoughlin – origins in Meath and Donegal. The name McLoughlin has both Irish and Scottish origins. In Ireland it derives from old Gaelic words that mean either Viking or devotee, depending on which clan the family comes from. Variations of the name include MacLoughlin and MacLaughlin.

What is the McLaughlin tartan?

A colour variation of Black Watch tartan that was first recorded in James Logan’s The Scottish Gael, 1831 but likely to have been a Wilsons of Bannockburn design.

Is McLaughlin Scottish or Irish?

M(a)cLaughlin /mɪˈklɒxlɪn/ is the most common Anglicized form of Mac Lochlainn, a masculine surname of Irish origin. The feminine form of the surname is Nic Lochlainn. The literal meaning of the name is “son of Lochlann”.

Is McLoughlin an Irish name?

McLoughlin is one of nearly two dozen Anglicisms for three Gaelic-Irish surnames: Mac/Nic Lochlainn (most commonly Anglicised McLaughlin), Ó/Ní Maoilsheachlainn (usually McLoughlin or M’Loughlin), and Mac/Nic Lochnaigh (usually rendered Loughney but occasionally McLoughlin or MacLoughlin).

Is Mclaughlin Scottish or Irish?

Is Mclaughlin Scottish?

Mclaughlin Name Meaning Irish and Scottish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Lochlainn ‘son of the Scandinavian’, a patronymic from the personal name Lochlann (see Laughlin).