Is Ajara a country?

Adjara is not a country, but rather is a political-administrative, geographical, and historical region of Georgia. Officially named the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, the region is located in southwestern Georgia, along coast of the Black Sea, just north of Turkey.

What language is spoken in Adjara?


Adjara აჭარა (Georgian)
Adjar ASSR 1921
Autonomous republic within Georgia 1991
Capital Batumi 41°39′N 42°0′E
Official languages Georgian

What does Ajara mean?

The meaning of Ajara is ‘Not Wearing out, Everlasting, Adhishri.

Are Iranians Ossetians?

The Ossetians or Ossetes (/ɒˈsiːʃənz/, /ˈɒsiːts/; Ossetic: ир, ирæттæ / дигорӕ, дигорӕнттӕ, romanized: ir, irættæ / digoræ, digorænttæ) are an Iranian ethnic group who are indigenous to Ossetia, a region situated across the northern and southern sides of the Caucasus Mountains.

Is Georgia safe to live?

Level of concern and experience with crime in Georgia However, Georgians feel more concerned about violent crime, property crime, package theft, and gun violence than the average American. 50% of Georgians feel safe in their state, lower than the national average of 55%.

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