Is a Piper Saratoga a good plane?

The Piper Saratoga II HP, a single-engine, low-winged plane with retractable landing gear, could seat up to six and, according to industry experts, has had a good safety record since it was first manufactured in 1965.

What is the difference between a Piper Saratoga and a Piper Lance?

Later models became known by the designation Piper Saratoga. The primary difference between the Lance and early Saratoga is the development of a tapered wing on the Saratoga, replacing the “Hershey bar” wing on the Lance that was a carryover from the Cherokee Six.

How fast does a Piper Saratoga go?

Built in 1995 by Florida-based New Piper Aircaft Inc., the Saratoga II seats six and is capable of a maximum cruise speed of 175 knots, about 200 mph. It could fly about 990 miles, or 859 nautical miles, on a full load of fuel..

Why did Piper stop making the Saratoga?

The resulting airplane simply didn’t have enough elevator authority. It used more runway than the original Lance, had slightly more adverse stall characteristics, and was not well received on the market. Piper attempted to salvage the Lance II by installing the original, low, Cherokee Six stabilator.

What is the useful load of a Piper Saratoga?


1980 PA-32-301 Piper Saratoga 1980 PA-32R-301 Piper Saratoga SP
Standard Empty Weight 1,935 lbs. estimated 1,999 lbs. estimated
Max. Useful Load Normal Category 1,665 lbs. 1,601 lbs.
Max. Useful Load Utility Category N/A N/A
Baggage Capacity 200 lbs. 200 lbs.

How much does a Piper Saratoga cost?

Piper Saratoga Group Price Report

Avg. Price $316,007
High Price $499,500
Low Price $100,000
Year Range 1980 – 2008
Avg. TTAF 2,668 hours

What is a PA 32 airplane?

The Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six is a series of single-engine, fixed landing gear, light aircraft manufactured in the United States by Piper Aircraft between 1965 and 2007. PA-32 Cherokee Six. 1973 model Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six. Role. personal use and air taxi aircraft.

How much weight can a Piper Saratoga carry?


1980 PA-32-301 Piper Saratoga 1994 PA-32R-301 Piper Saratoga II HP
Max. Useful Load Normal Category 1,665 lbs. 1,100 lbs.
Max. Useful Load Utility Category N/A N/A
Baggage Capacity 200 lbs. 200 lbs.
Oil Capacity 12 quarts 12 quarts

Who owns Piper?

Brunei Ministry of Finance
Piper Aircraft

Formerly Taylor Brothers Aircraft Manufacturing Company (1927–1928) Taylor Brothers Aircraft Corporation (1928–1930) Taylor Aircraft Company (1930–1937)
Key people John Calcagno (acting president and CEO since April 2021)
Products Light aircraft
Owner Brunei Ministry of Finance

How much does a Saratoga cost?

Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned PIPER Saratoga II HP is $395,000.00. A $137,250.00 loan over 120 months including $571.88 per month in interest equates to a $6,882.22 per-period payment.

What engine does a Cherokee Six have?

Reciprocating enginePiper PA-32 Cherokee Six / Engine type

What is a Piper 6X?

The Piper 6X is a normally aspirated, fixed-gear version of the popular six-place Saratoga II aircraft, and the Piper 6XT is its turbocharged equivalent. While option pricing has not yet been determined, the standard equipped list price of the Piper 6X is $336,000 and the Piper 6XT is $356,000.