How often do you get an upgrade with Sprint?

Once your 24 month Installment Agreement has been paid in full, you are eligible to upgrade to a new device.

How do I get my Sprint upgrade fee waived?

Use an Organizational Member Discount As a member of a credit union, AAA or another organization, your benefits might include discounts on Sprint devices, an activation fee waiver and waived upgrade fee.

How do I get Sprint loyalty discount?

You may not have to switch your plan at all to get a deal with Sprint as an existing customer. If you ask to save money, the customer service representative may provide you with a $10-$50 a month loyalty discount for the same plan you currently have.

What does an upgrade mean Sprint?

The term used to mean upgrade on a 2 year agreement, receiving a subsidized price on phones. As I explain to customers now, it literally just means that I (sprint) can sell you a new device on a lease on your number. You’re “eligible” to finance another device on your line. 3.

Why is Sprint charging me an upgrade fee?

A $30/line Upgrade Support Charge is applied whenever an employee assists a customer with upgrading to and activating a new device. The Upgrade Support Charge does not apply to customers who upgrade and activate a new device through an unassisted channel, like or the MySprint app.

Do you have to turn in your old phone when you upgrade with Sprint?

If you are in a Sprint Lease program, you can upgrade your device at the end of your lease. All of your payments will need to be paid in full and you’ll have to return your device in working condition. You can enter into a new lease agreement with a new device but a one-time upgrade fee of $36 may apply.

How can I lower my phone bill with Sprint?

Login in to From the global menu select My Account > Change Plan. Select the device you are wanting to change the plan on. Once you’ve chosen your plan, click Add to cart at the bottom on the page.

Does Sprint have a loyalty program?

You can receive special rewards, experiences and perks along with access to thousands of discounts from brands you love with the My Sprint Rewards app. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a Sprint customer. Sprint Rewards – Special deals and experiences from Sprint, and exclusive perks from your favorite brands.

How often should you upgrade your phone?

every two years
It’s an upsetting reality that some manufacturers (and customers) hope to change. But until that change comes, Android users should seriously consider replacing their phone every two years.