How much is the bus to lake O Hara?


Adult (17-80) $14.70
Youth (6-16) $7.35
Child under 5 (must sit on lap) free

How do I book a bus to lake Ohara?

Reservations accepted from February 3, 2022 at 8 am MDT by phone 1-877-737-3783, or online through the Parks Canada Reservation Service. The reservation includes the bus fees. The inbound buses to Lake O’Hara depart the parking lot at 8:30, 10:30, 15:30 or 17:30 MDT.

Can you walk into lake Ohara?

Hiking to Lake O’Hara If you can’t get a reservation for the shuttle bus, you can hike into Lake O’Hara. You will need to walk up the 11km (7 mile) long road from the parking lot to the lake. The road gains about 400 meters of elevation (1300 feet), but it is never very steep.

Can you drive to lake Ohara?

Yoho National Park Nestled in a high bowl of lush alpine meadows, Lake O’Hara, 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) from the nearest public road, is surrounded by dozens of smaller alpine lakes and framed by spectacular peaks permanently mantled in snow.

Can you bike lake Ohara?

Biking on the Lake O’Hara Fire Road is prohibited. Check the Backcountry Guide to Yoho National Park, for a map and specific details.

Can you visit the Burgess Shale?

It is not possible to visit the Burgess Shale located here on your own – the area is only accessible on a guided hike led by Parks Canada or the Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation. The hike to Walcott Quarry begins at Takakkaw Falls, a spectacular 373m waterfall.

Is lake O’Hara lodge open in the winter?

In winter the campground is closed, which leaves the Elizabeth Parket hut and the Lake O’Hara lodge. The hut is $40 for non- Alpine Club members in winter and $45 in summer. A room in the lodge will cost $730, with food and afternoon tea included. The most luxurious lakeshore cabins are $1035 per night.

Can you ride your bike to lake Ohara?

How do you hike lake Ohara?

To walk to Lake O’Hara you do not need a reservation. The trailhead lies 100m away from the Trans Canada Highway in between the towns of Lake Louise and Field. The 11km slightly uphill hike is generally uneventful with the occasional glimpse of beautiful peaks as you wind through the trees.

Is Lake Ohara dog friendly?

It’s a long dusty road, no bikes are allowed. No pets are allowed on the bus but you can walk your dog up to the lake and back down. Keep in mind that walking the long dusty road means a 11 KM hike up the road to access Lake O’Hara and another 11KM back down the road if you don’t get a seat on the bus on the way down.