How much does it cost to PCS with a dog?

The pet is limited to a total of 99 pounds (including carrier). The cost is $80 per pet up to 70 pounds, paid at the owner’s expense. Pets between 71 and 99 pounds cost $160 per pet.

Are pet fees reimbursable for PCS?

Service members aren’t entitled by law to move their pets at government expense when making a PCS move, but Joint Travel Regulations do allow reimbursement of mandatory pet quarantine fees, up to $550 per PCS move, for dogs and cats.

How many pets can you PCS with?

two pets
During a permanent change of station (PCSing) move, servicemembers and their families can only bring two pets along. Moving your pet is your responsibility. There is no reimbursement for pet expenses, transportation, or kenneling while you are living in temporary housing.

How do you use PCS for dogs?

If you get PCS orders and can bring your pet: Permanent change of station orders can be issued abruptly. Regardless of where you’re going, be sure to microchip, photograph and get an ID tag for your pet before you go.

Can military families have pets?

Pets are allowed on United States military bases as part of a family, but must remain leashed when walking around base.

How many pets can you have in the military?

Most military housing limits pets to two, and does not permit certain breeds of dogs.

Can you PCS to Japan with a dog?

Dogs and cats must be individually identified by an ISO compliant microchip. If the animal is not fitted with an ISO compliant (11784 and 11785) microchip, the importer must bring a microchip reader with the pet. The pet must be microchipped on the day of or before the 1st vaccination.

Are Huskies allowed on military bases?

According to the Air Force’s standardized pet policy, dogs of any breed deemed “aggressive or potentially aggressive” are off-limits on base unless the animal is certified as a military working dog or has special approval from the base commander.

Can dogs live on military bases?

Does the Army pay to ship pets?

The military pays for many moving costs, but it doesn’t pay to move your pets. The cost for pet transportation can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on how far the transport is and the size of the animal.

Can I keep my dog if I join the military?

Are pets allowed on military bases? It is worth underscoring the obvious: When living in the barracks, a pet is a no-no, but if you are living in a private home, or a military-owned home on a base campus, then, yes, your cat or dog is allowed, unless there are specific regulations against it.

Can pitbulls be military dogs?

Pit Bulls were used to represent the USA on WWI recruitment posters. They were used in the military too. The most well-known was Sergeant Stubby, the most decorated war dog to have served. Sergeant Stubby warned his troops of incoming attacks and even held a German soldier captive.