How much does it cost to learn to fly a helicopter in Canada?

100 Hour Commercial Helicopter Pilot License Training Costs

COST OUTLINE: Helicopter R22, 100 hours @ $580 per hour Flight Test R22, 1.7 hours @ $580 per hour GroundSchool Books and Equipment Enrolment Fee Licensing Fee Written Examination Flight Test Fee Medical Examination

How much does it cost to become a commercial helicopter pilot in Canada?

The Commercial Pilot (CPL) training price is 62,070$. These amounts include all your training expenses, including administrative costs (licensing, medical certificate, examination fees).

How long does it take to learn a helicopter?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires a minimum of 40 hours of total flight time in the aircraft, including at least 20 hours of dual instruction (with a Certified Flight Instructor, or “CFI”) and 10 hours of solo flight (by yourself, after proper training).

How much money does a helicopter pilot make in Canada?

How much does a Helicopter pilot make in Canada? The average helicopter pilot salary in Canada is $85,800 per year or $44 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $75,131 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $97,500 per year.

Can you get student loans for helicopter school Canada?

Financial Aid For Flight Training Calgary Alberta Canada As a Designated Learning Institution, training with L R HELICOPTERS allows the student to access various government and private institution loans to assist with the training costs associated with becoming a commercial helicopter pilot.

How far can a Bell Helicopter fly?

The Bell 407 can fly at an altitude of 5,370m with range of 612km. The maximum and cruise speeds are 259km/h and 224km/h respectively. The service ceiling is 5,698m. The maximum take-off weight of the Bell 407 helicopter is 2,268kg with internal load and 2,722kg with external load.

How fast is a Bell Helicopter?

The Bell 429WLG has a maximum cruise speed of 152kt (281kph) and range of 412nm (763km). The service ceiling of the helicopter is 20,000ft (6,096m) and airborne endurance is up to 4.4 hours. The helicopter has an empty weight of 2,144kg (4,728lb) and external gross weight of 3,402kg (7,500lb).

Are heli pilots in demand?

The demand for helicopter pilots is extremely high. A recent study by Boeing estimated that there will be a shortage of 59,000 helicopter pilots worldwide through 2037. This means that for at least the next 17 years (and probably much longer than that), good helicopter pilots are almost guaranteed a job.

Is there a demand for helicopter pilots in Canada?

According to industry sources, there is a shortage of helicopter pilots in Canada.