How much does a Biacore cost?

Biophysics Services & Fees

Service Yale Cost per sample Non-Yale* Cost per sample
BiaCore T100 $300/day* $850/day*
*All reservations for the SPR Service are for a 24 hour time slots from noon till noon.
Costs for Fluorescence Plate Reader
Plate Reader $50.00/hour $70.00/hour

What is Biacore assay?

SPR (Biacore) assays provide a method for determining the affinity and binding kinetics of a ligand for its receptor. The technique measures the real-time binding association and dissociation rates using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR).

What is Biacore T200?

The Biacore T200 is an instrument for Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), an optical technique that measures changes in refractive index near a metal surface over time.

How does surface plasmon resonance work?

Surface plasmon resonance occurs when a photon of incident light hits a metal surface (typically a gold surface). At a certain angle of incidence, a portion of the light energy couples through the metal coating with the electrons in the metal surface layer, which then move due to excitation.

What is SPR band?

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is the collective oscillation of conduction band electrons that are in resonance with the oscillating electric field of incident light, which will produce energetic plasmonic electrons through non-radiative excitation.

What is SPR machine?

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is an optical-based, label-free detection technology for real-time monitoring of binding interactions between two or more molecules.

What is SPR instrument?

SPR is a sensitive spectroscopic tool for studying molecular interactions in a label-free state. The system detects binding in real-time by measuring mass changes of a ligand, which is bound to a chip, as analyte is flowed over the chip.

What is steady state KD?

Steady state equation. KD describes the system at equilibrium but not the dynamics. For the dynamics, refer to the association and dissociation rate constants (2). The best parameter to compare the strength of the binding is the dissociation rate constant (kd) because this parameter gives the time an interaction exists …

What does surface plasmon resonance measure?

Surface plasmon resonance or SPR is an optical effect that can be utilized to measure the binding of molecules in real-time without the use of labels. SPR instruments are primarily used to measure the binding kinetics and affinity of molecular interactions.

Why prism is used in SPR?

The main reason for using the prism here is to provide the evanescent field (via the total internal reflection, TIR) that excites plasmons in a metal film that is coated on a base of the prim.