How much do GLG experts make?

People in the early years of their careers may charge $75 – $150/hour with GLG, while senior professionals typically earn $200 – $300 an hour. Prominent experts are rumored to ask $5,000 per hour, though it’s unknown how often they get booked at that rate.

Who is the CEO of GLG?

Paul Todd (Mar 27, 2018–)Gerson Lehrman Group / CEO

Who are GLG clients?

Who are GLG clients? Our clients are professionals and business leaders at the world’s leading companies and nonprofits, including industrial, technology, and life science corporations; investment and financial firms; professional services firms; startups; and nonprofits around the world.

Is GLG a good company?

GLG is a good place to start your career if you’re able to get a job straight from school. The salary is not bad and you learn some transferable skills. The good thing about GLG lately is that it is beginning to develop a brand (meaning it looks impressive on a resume).

Whats it like working at GLG?

Flexibility. Excellent organization, transparent management with great opportunity for career development and advancement. The work climate is positive and very supportive. Overall excellent company for a career.

How much does GLG membership cost?

Usually, GLG clients start their subscription as soon as they’ve been paired with a counselor. Six months costs $12,500, while a year costs $25k. In the GLG Share program, however, startups get the first two months of their subscription entirely for free.

Is GLG public or private?

Private company
GLG is headquartered in New York City, with offices in 22 cities in 12 countries….Gerson Lehrman Group.

Abbreviation GLG
Formation 1998
Founder Mark Gerson, Thomas Lehrman
Type Private company
Headquarters New York City