How many wives does K1 the Ultimate have?

Though KWAM1 has children with several other women, he is publicly known to be legally married to about three or four women.

Who is Wasiu Ayinde wife?

Emmanuella Ropo Kwam 1 new wife: Meet Emmanuella Aderopo, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal 1 bride. Emmanuella Aderopo na di latest woman inside popular Nigerian Fuji singer Kwam 1 life. King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal 1, aka Kwam 1 and Emmanuella wedding finally take place for Abeokuta on Thursday, 18 November, 2021.

How many wife did Wasiu Ayinde have?

He didn’t marry all the women though. His best known wife is Canada-based Yewande, who shared five children with him. Wasiu calls himself a polygamist and once said he is yet to match Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s record of 27 wives.

Is Adewale Ayuba a doctor?

This musicians have come again.” And before you wonder when and where the musician studied medicine, Ayuba is not a medical doctor. He is an honourary doctor. Today, the Bradley University, USA is conferring a doctorate degree in Arts on him.

How old is Wasiu Ayinde mother now?

99 years old
She’s 99 years old. She still uses her phone and she doesn’t use glasses. She recognises people’s number on my phone . She’s the one that first sang before I took over singing from her.

How old is K1 new wife?

This is the big question on the lips of many as she is set to be the 64-year-old music legend’s wife. In her 40s, Emmanuel runs a thriving children boutique and gifts store, Partydreams, in Omole Phase 1, Lagos.

How old is pasuma now?

54 years (November 27, 1967)Wasiu Alabi Pasuma / Age

Is Emmanuella ropo married before?

She was once married to Joshua Adewale, an oil magnate whom she allegedly snatched from one of her younger sisters, Deremi. She gave birth to three children, all girls for Adewale before their marriage crashed due to infidelity on her part.