How many quests does Wailing Caverns have?

There are 7 quests associated with Wailing Caverns: Leaders of the Fang. Serpentbloom. Deviate Eradication.

How do I get quests in Wailing Caverns?

The quest can be acquired by both factions. The quest requires you to loot 20 Deviate Hide from mobs in the Wailing Caverns. Most of the mobs drop the hides so this should be no problem. The quest will be tagged as “Complete” once 20 hides have been looted.

What level should you do Wailing Caverns?

Wailing Caverns is one of the earlier dungeons that both Alliance and Horde players will encounter, given its recommended level range of 17-23. Your group will be able to comfortably clear the instance within an hour.

What level can you solo Wailing Caverns Classic?

For a real challenge any solo runs of Wailing Caverns should be attempted at ~level 25 or below, and I strongly encourage any people who like that kind of stuff to not overlevel it past that point.

How many bosses are in Wailing Caverns?

There are 3 Bosses in Wailing Caverns that can be easily looted by using Master Looter mode.

Where do I get RFC quests?

Quests Started Inside Ragefire Chasm Grimtotem Satchel to Rahauro in Thunder Bluff. This quest is started by Maur Grimtotem’s corpse, once you hand in Searching for the Lost Satchel.

How do I start the leader of the Fang quest?

To start this quest you must start the Oasis quest line in the Barrens which eventually leads to going to Thunder Bluff which you receive this quest. Anacondra can be found in the first major hallway at any of the 4 rings of fire.

How long does Wailing Caverns take?

The Wailing Caverns in Northern Barrens is one of the first instanced dungeons (outside of a major city) that lower-level players encounter. Since the Cataclysm dungeon clean ups this total instance can be done in about 30 minutes and is quite simple.

What level is RFC?

Ragefire Chasm
Advised level 15-21
Minimum level 10
Player limit 5 (10)

What level can a hunter solo Wailing Caverns?

Wailing Caverns is a level 17-24 instance. The class set in the instance is called Clothing of the Fang. The class set is for druids but can be used with shamans, and sometimes rogues. The solo lvl is 34 with my shaman i ran threw at lvl 34 and made it.

When can you enter WC TBC?

Comment by 30549. It will not allow you to enter under lvl 10. Highly recommended that you are at least 17 before you enter though, unless you have a 60/70 running you through and you stay WAY back to avoid ANY aggro.

What drops in Wailing Caverns?

WoW Classic The Wailing Caverns Drops and Loot

Item Acquisition Level
Deep Fathom Ring Boss Mutanus the Devourer (22.04%) 17-24
Feyscale Cloak Boss Deviate Faerie Dragon (38.02%) 17-24
Firebelcher Boss Deviate Faerie Dragon (39.07%) 17-24
Footpads of the Fang Boss Lord Serpentis (18.98%) 17-24