How many liters are there in 1 cusec?

28.32 litres
Cusec is a measure of the rate of flow still commonly used by the irrigation department. 1 cusec is one cubic foot of water flow per second. It translates into 28.32 litres of water per second.

How many cusecs are in TMC?

11,000 cusecs
Cusec is a measure of flow rate of water and is abbreviation for cubic feet per second (which is equivalent to a flow of 28.317 litres per second) and 11,000 cusecs flow for a day amounts to 1 TMC (thousand million cubic feet) water.

What is cusec unit?

Definition of cusec : a volumetric unit of flow equal to a cubic foot per second.

How much water is a Cumec?

Flow. Flow refers to the volume of water in the river and is given in cumecs. One cumec equals one cubic metre of water flowing past a point in one second. One cubic metre of water equals one thousand litres and weighs one tonne.

What is TMC in water?

Tmcft, (Tmc ft), (TMC), (tmc), is the abbreviation of one billion cubic feet (1,000,000,000 = 109 = 1 billion), commonly used in India in reference to volume of water in a reservoir or river flow.

What is cusec and Cumec?

(i)Cusecs: The discharge of the volume of water flowing in the river is measured over time. When the water is measured in cubic feet per second, it is called cusecs. (ii)Cumecs : When the water flowing in the river is measured in cubic metre per second, it is called cumecs.

How do you calculate 1 cusec?

1 cusec is equal to how many litres?

  1. Answer: 1 Cusec = 28.317 litres. For flow rate calculation, Cusec is used and Cusec is equal to cubic feet per second.
  2. 1 cubic feet = 28,316.85 cm3. To convert cm to liter we need to divide it by 1000.
  3. 1 Cusec = 28.317 litres per second.

What is QSEC in dam?

The water in the dams is considered as stored water or impounded water. It can be measured either in terms of ‘Cusecs’ or as ‘Tmcft’. Cusec is the informal shorthand for “cubic feet per second”. It can be converted to 28.317 litres per second.

What is TMC water?

How do you find the cusec of water?

Do You know How to Calculate Dam Water Capacity in Real Time?

  1. 1 liter of water = 1000milli liter water.
  2. 1 cusecs =?
  3. 1 cusec = Flowing or Running 28.37 litre – per second.
  4. 1 cusec = 1 கன அடி
  5. 1 Cubic Feet = 1ft x 1ft x 1ft = 0.3048 m x 0.3048 m x 0.3048 m = 0.02831684 m^3.

How do you calculate Cusec?

What is Cusec and cumec?