How many bus routes are there in Edmonton?

Edmonton Transit’s bus fleet encompasses over 1,000 buses, and 40 community buses. The system covers more than 180 routes. Over 6,400 ETS bus stops are located on Edmonton streets.

What time does the bus stop running in Edmonton?

Edmonton Transit provides extended service on five bus routes until approximately 3am, seven days a week.

How do you text ETS?

ETS riders can send a text message to 31100 and get bus schedule information sent directly to their mobile phones in seconds.

Does Edmonton have a subway?

Metro Line North opened September 6, 2015 and runs from Churchill LRT Station in downtown Edmonton northwest to NAIT. The Metro Line from Churchill Station to NAIT station is operational. Find out the schedule, how to transfer over from Capital line and where you can go.

Is there a bus from Beaumont to Edmonton?

You can take a bus from Beaumont to Edmonton via Winspear Common & Winspear Crescent SW, Mill Woods Transit Centre Bay D, and Mill Woods Transit Centre Bay K in around 1h 2m.

How late does the LRT run in Edmonton?

between 5am and 1am
The LRT runs daily between 5am and 1am, with trains travelling on a five-minute frequency during rush hour time periods, ten-minute frequency midday and Saturdays, and a fifteen-minute frequency on evenings and on Sundays.

What is the meaning of Texter?

a person who communicates by text messaging.

How do I pay for ETS?

Accepted Forms of Payment

  1. Credit/Debit Card (American Express ®, Diners Club International ®, Discover ®, JCB ®, MasterCard ®, Rupay™ Global, UnionPay ® and Visa ®).
  2. PayPal ®
  3. E-Check Service (drawn against U.S. bank accounts only)
  4. Money Order/Certified Check/Voucher.
  5. If testing in Mainland China:

How much is the bus fare from Edmonton to Calgary?

How much is a bus ticket from Edmonton to Calgary? $43.62 is the average price of a bus ticket from Edmonton to Calgary.