How many bales are in a bale bandit?

Home. The Bale Band-It is an automatic small square bale packaging machine. Taking small square bales directly from the baler, the Bale Band-It stacks the bales 3 high and 7 deep creating a 21 bale bundle that can be handled with standard loader attachments.

What is a baron pack of hay?

The Bale Baron accumulates and packages small square bales into bundles secured with twine. The bundles can be handled multiple times in and out of storage and retain their original shape. The bundle is comprised of 36 inch bales and is specifically designed to fit into van trailers.

What is a 21 bale bundle?

bundles work. They are essentially just 21 small square. bales strapped together for convenience. They do not. require a tractor for unloading on your end.

How big is a bundle of hay?

Typically, they come in three sizes: ( 3 inch x 3 inch x 8 inch), (3 inch, 4 inch x 8 inch), (4 inch x 4 inch x 8 inch). In pounds, they range from 805 to 1,580 pounds.

How many bales are in a squeeze?

A Squeeze: A truck that picks up 56 to 68 bales at a time and loads and off loads semi trucks. A squeeze is driven as an independent truck and is legal on all highways. A squeeze has two large hydraulic arms that are 10′ long that squeeze a dump of hay to be loaded and off loaded.

How many small bales are in a large square?

If the large round-bale weighs 1,200 pounds and the small square bales weigh 40 pounds, then one large round hay bale would be equal to 30 small square bales. It important to know the weight of hay bales both for feeding and economic purposes.

How does a bale bundler work?

Small Bale Convenience Meets Large Scale Efficiency Once the injector positions the last bale in place, the Bale Baron compresses and ties the pack together using a Rasspe Knotter. As the next bundle is formed the pack is pushed out of the chamber, rolls down the ramp and is gently placed on the ground.

How big is a Heston Bale?

Hay and Straw Bale Sizes

Conventional Bales Square Bales Round Bales
30 x 40 x 100 80 x 70 (D4000 4 string bale) 80 x 90 (10 x10 4 string bale) 120 x 70 (Quadrant 6 string bale) 120 x 90 (6 string bale) 120 x 130 (Heston bale) Round – 1.2×1.2m (4ft round)

How heavy is a 4×5 round bale?

In the previously mentioned Wisconsin study, the average weight of a 4×5 legume bale was 986 pounds. This compared to 846 pounds for grass bales of the same size. Plant maturity is another factor that impacts bale density and ultimately bale weight.