How long is a Crossfire 700?

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moto123 suggests: Compare this model Ask for a quote Discuss this model on the forum Arctic-Cat Crossfire 700 2006
Width (mm) 1181
Length (mm) 3226
Weight (kg) 220
Fuel capacity (L) 41.6

What year did Arctic Cat make Crossfire?

First released as an early 2006 model, the Crossfire machines are built on the award-winning M-Series chassis. It’s Arctic Cat’s true hybrid machine, using the best parts from the trail and mountain segments.

How much oil goes in a diamond drive?

Ideally there should only be three ounces of lube in the case; some units could have slightly more, but anything over four ounces can cause problems. You can get the lube right from an Arctic Cat dealer, or better yet you can get an entire kit from the designers of the Diamond Drive system, Black Diamond.

How do you flush a diamond drive?

Dump the old DD oil, rinse with a little diesel fuel, rinse again with some auto trans fluid, drain well then fill up with fresh DD fluid.

Does Arctic Cat still use diamond drive?

There is no shortage of drag race records that have been set using the Diamond Drive equipped sleds just look it up on the internet. ‘Nuff said about that. Just to clarify, Cat has retained the Diamond Drive on the touring models for MY 2012. See you on the trail!

What Oil Can you use in Arctic Cat Diamond Drive?

Arctic Cat Synthetic ACT Gearcase Fluid Oil 09-18 ACER Reverse 15 oz – 5639-219.

What is the difference between a 2006 and 2009 Firecat crossfire?

This is a full eight inches shorter than the 2006-2008 Crossfire models, and a whopping 13” shorter than the stretched 2009 Crossfire models that are now more deep snow capable with their 141” track length. If you own a Firecat, the first thing you will notice when you ride a Crossfire R is the seating position.

Why buy a 2009 Crossfire R 2-stroker?

The new 2009 Crossfire R 2-strokers enjoy the benefit of Cat’s electronic reverse, which operates via a simple handlebar-mounted push button. In addition to simplifying reverse, the changeover resulted in a quick drop of eight pounds.

How much does a 2009 Arctic Cat crossfire R 8 cost?

If you want the Firecat experience at a fair price (US$9799.00), the 2009 Arctic Cat Crossfire R 8 with the 800cc affords it. Arctic Cat marketing materials position the ‘R’ quite succinctly — “This machine is pure fun boiled down to the simplest form.”

Will the crossfire R 800 win a Drag Race?

Thus, the Crossfire R 800 will win a drag race. In the 1000 class, the Crossfire R 1000 averaged a top speed of 110.7, compared to the F1000 at 107.5 with the F7 at 105.7 mph.