How is Elif pronounced?

Pronunciation of Elif in Istanbul, Turkey E in turkish makes the soft “e” sound, as in ten. The i with a dot (there is also one without ), makes the soft i sound, as in it. Turkish differs then English in the sense that no letter makes more then one sound.

Is Elif a Turkish name?

Elif Origin and Meaning The name Elif is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of Arab origin. This is the Turkish form of Alif, the name of the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. Actor Natalie Portman gave another spelling to her son, Aleph.

What does Elif mean?

As for elif , it is simply a contraction of else if and is used as follows – if condition: do something elif other_condition: do something else else: do another thing.

How do you pronounce Elof?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Elof. AY-LaaF. elof.
  2. Meanings for Elof.
  3. Translations of Elof. Russian : Элоф Indonesian : Tempat elof.

What is Elif in Islam?

Meaning of Elif Elif has multiple meanings. First and foremost it means slender, thin” — that is, shaped like “Alif” or the first letter of the Arabic and Hebrew alphabets. It also resembles honesty. In Turkey People call honest People “As Strait (honest) as Elif.” It shows kindness.

What does Alif mean in Urdu?

The meaning of the name “Alif” is: “Likeable; friendly”. Categories: Arabic Names, Muslim Names.

Is Elif a boy or girl name?

Elif is a girls’ name (particularly in Turkey) and Aleph is a Hebrew boys’ name. Nathalie Portman’s son is named Aleph. It is often erroneously attributed to one symbol or description, despite its varied origins. The name Elif is usually used as a girls name.

Which country is Elif from?

Elif (TV series)

Country of origin Turkey
Original language Turkish
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 361

How do you spell phonetically?

Phonetic spelling is a tool for pronunciation. It involves writing out words according to how the letters and syllables are spoken….Phonetic Vowel Sounds Chart.

Phonetic Symbol for Vowel Sound Sounds Like IPA Symbol
ə about, drama /ə/
ər better, letter /ər/