How do you use a RCA MP3 player?

How to Put Music on a RCA MP3 Player

  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. Open up Windows Media Player.
  3. Click and drag any files from your computer (left pane) to the RCA MP3 (right pane) that you want to add to your RCA MP3 Player.

How do I reset my RCA MP3 player?

Disconnect your Player. Reset the Player by removing and re-installing the battery. Hold down the Play/Pause key on your Player and connect it to the PC via a USB cable….

  1. Battery may be depleted.
  2. Ensure the keys lock is not activated.
  3. Reset the player by re-installing the battery.

How do I connect my RCA MP3 player to my computer?

1. Connect your player to your computer. The RCA easyRip Media Software installer is stored in the player, go to MyComputer in the Start menu, find and open the drive letter associated with the player (i.e. LYRA) and then double-click the rcaeasyrip_setup file to launch the installer.

How do I unlock my RCA Lyra MP3 player?

The lock icon is displayed when the key lock function is activated. This can be activated by pressing and holding the Lock button until the lock icon is displayed. To unlock, press and hold again until the lock icon is turned off.

How do I download music from iTunes to my RCA mp3 player?

Windows: Choose Edit > Preferences. Mac: Choose iTunes > Preferences. Click the General button, then click the Importing Settings button in the second section of the window. From the Import Using pop-up menu, choose the encoding format that you want to convert the song to, then click OK to save the settings.

How do I reset my MP3 player?

With tiny buttons, a tack, needle or similar item is needed for pushing. Press and hold the “Reset” button for approximately seven to ten seconds. The player should unfreeze and reset. Some data, such as music, may be removed from the MP3 player during this process.

Why won’t my computer recognize my MP3 player?

If your PC does not recognize your player, please try the following steps: Make sure your computer’s operating system is up to date with the latest Service Packs and patches. Plug the player into a different USB port. Avoid the use of USB hubs if possible.

Why is my MP3 player not playing music?

If your mp3 files fails to play on the iPod or any other mp3 player, there could be several reasons. It could either be corrupted due to incomplete download, the headers could be truncated, there must be garbage at the start or end of the song, etc.

How do you reset a MP3 player?

How to Unfreeze an MP3 Player

  1. Flip the “Hold” switch that’s on either one of the sides or the top of the MP3 player to “OFF.” Press “Play” or any other button to try to unfreeze the player.
  2. Leave the MP3 player on in its frozen state until the player’s battery completely dies.

Can I download music from iTunes to an MP3 player?

You can put music from iTunes onto any MP3 player. If your MP3 player only accepts MP3 music files, you need to first convert the music to the MP3 format in the iTunes program or with a third-party converter. In iTunes or the Music app, the settings for converting iTunes songs to the MP3 format are straightforward.

Why did my MP3 player stop working?

An MP3 player may freeze up due to a bad file that has been uploaded onto the player, or because of an internal software error caused by no fault of your own. Until you unfreeze the MP3 player, you cannot stop or manually change the music being played on the player, and the device is rendered essentially useless.