How do you style a narrow hallway?

Narrow hallway ideas to improve small spaces

  1. Hang a mirror to open up the space.
  2. Elevate the ceiling height with clever painting.
  3. Keep clutter at bay.
  4. Make the space feel bright painted all-white.
  5. Adopt an immersive colour scheme.
  6. Add a decorative rug to dress the floor.
  7. Welcome personality with a gallery wall.

What can I put on my long narrow hallway on the wall?

Here are 7 ways to do just that:

  1. Hang a Mirror. Put a mirror down at the end to extend the hallway even more and possibly reflect some light down there.
  2. Use Contrasting Paint Color.
  3. Add Artwork.
  4. Lay a Runner.
  5. Create Wall Finishes.
  6. Paint a Ceiling Treatment.
  7. Install More Lighting.

How do you decorate a narrow corridor?

Narrow hallway ideas – 10 essential design rules for making a long space seem wider

  1. Be fussy with furniture in a narrow hallway.
  2. Light up a small space.
  3. Stick to a monochromatic color palette.
  4. Hang up a mirror in a small entrance.
  5. Use paint to visually enlarge a narrow hallway.
  6. Play to proportions in a long hallway.

What do you put at the end of a long narrow hallway?

Make a statement with mirrors “Adding a mirror at the end of a narrow hallway will make a typically dark space feel lighter and larger,” says Liana Thomson, an accessories product developer at home decor retailer EQ3. Take a cue from this suburban retreat by adding a small, circular mirror to your mix.

How do you hang pictures on a narrow hallway?

When facing a narrow hallway, your eye naturally goes toward the end of the hall, so why not take advantage of that focal point? Hang a large piece of art in the center of an opposing wall; place an attractive accent chair in the corner accompanied by a piece of art; or paint the wall a contrasting color.

How do you visually widen a narrow hallway?

How to make a narrow hallway look wider

  1. Paint your walls in neutral colours.
  2. Consider diagonals or vertical stripes for any runners.
  3. Paint your ceiling a light colour.
  4. Give your front door a lick of paint.
  5. Use mirrors to create the illusion of space.
  6. Don’t over-decorate!