How do you post a link on Facebook without showing the URL?

How to post a link on Facebook without showing the URL:

  1. Just paste the link into your status and wait for the link to load.
  2. Wait…
  3. When the image and text appear just delete the link and write your update. Simples.

What is Facebook link URL?

You can find a Facebook URL in the address bar at the top of the browser if you are using a computer. To find the URL for a personal page in the mobile app, tap the three-dot menu and find the address in the Profile link section.

How do I share a link from Facebook to WhatsApp?

Share a link to a product page in WhatsApp

  1. Open the product page on Facebook, tap > More Options.
  2. Tap the WhatsApp icon.
  3. Select the person or group you’d like to share the product page with.
  4. Tap the send button or Next.
  5. Draft your message. Note: the link for the product page will be attached to your message.
  6. Tap or .

How do I share my Facebook profile link?

Open Facebook on your mobile device, navigate to the profile page, and tap the three dots. Scroll down to the Your Profile Link section and tap Copy Link. The link has been copied to your clipboard. Tap OK to exit the screen.

How do I post a video link on Facebook?

How to share a video to a Facebook Page

  1. Step 1: Head to your Page. Head over to the Facebook Page where you’d like to upload your video.
  2. Step 2: Upload your video. From your Page, click on the “Photo/Video” button to upload your video.
  3. Step 3: Add your video details.
  4. Step 4: Publish.

How do I get my Facebook link?

To get the link for a Facebook profile, Page, group or event:

  1. Tap and enter the name of the profile, Page, group or event in the search box.
  2. Tap the name of the profile, Page, group or event.
  3. Tap below the cover photo.
  4. Tap Copy Link to Profile.

How can I share a video from Facebook to WhatsApp?

To share a Facebook video to WhatsApp, you need to go to the original post carrying the video and simply tap on the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the video right next to the ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ buttons. Tap on Share and select WhatsApp.

How do you copy a video link from Facebook?

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  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Tap a video you want to copy.
  3. Tap the icon with three dots (…) above the video.
  4. Tap Copy Link.

How do you post a video link?

Google Drive

  1. Login to your Google Drive account.
  2. Locate the video you want to upload and right-click on it.
  3. Click Get Shareable link.
  4. For the permissions, make sure you select the option so that Anyone with the link can access the file.
  5. Click Copy link.
  6. Paste in your sharing URL.
  7. Click Create Direct Link.