How do you clear the goopy inferno?

Mario can use the spring’s water to clean away some of the goop in between the spring and the building where F.L.U.D.D. is held, then jump or dive across.

How do you save the mayor in Mario Sunshine?

Once the waterpack is back in Mario’s grasp, you can rescue the village head man by heading to the top of the gold mushroom, plus if you are thorough and tidy, you can bag a blue coin by erasing a graffiti M under the fire paint (near the starting bridge).

How do you get to the mayor in the goopy inferno?

Jump against the walls to extract yourself from the hole (picture12) and reach the surface. You are now in the middle of the lava and you must jump on the small spared areas (pictures13-14). Go to the tower where the mayor of the village is located (picture15).

How do you beat Chain Chomp’s bath?

Instead of three chain chomps, you will now need to face a single Giant Chain Chomp. Go to it and hose it down while it is still chained. When it is cooled off, yank out the peg (at the tail) using B. Now drag the monster to the hot springs on the side of the island across from the starting bridge.

How do you open the Corona mountain?

To unlock Corona Mountain, players must beat the Shadow Mario boss fights in each of the game’s seven worlds. In other words, start and complete the seventh level in each of the game’s seven worlds.

How do you high jump in Super Mario Sunshine?

Rotate the Control Stick in a circle, then hit the A Button and you will spin up into the air like a tornado. Combining this with the Hover Nozzle is a great way to reach high places.

What is Isle Delfino based on?

Dolphin Island
Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine is based off of a real “Dolphin Island” in Italy called the Amalfi Bay.

How do you grab dandelion in Super Mario Sunshine?

The Shine requires Mario to hitch a ride on the floating dandelion seeds from the highest spot possible (the fronds on the red palm tree will do) and then hop onto the cloud platforms out over the chasm just before the dandelion seed winks out.

What sound does a chain chomp make?

Chain Chomps, known in Japan as Wanwan (Japanese onomatopoeia for a barking sound), are metal, barking ball-and-chain-like video-game creatures that are restrained by chains.

Why can’t I unlock Corona Mountain?