How do I speak to someone at Pepco?

The customer service number is (202) 833-7500, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The 24-hour number to report life threatening-emergencies, such as downed or exposed wires is (202) 872-3432.

What is my Pepco account number?

Your Pepco Account Number is the 12-digit number located on the top left corner of your bill. Please be sure to enter all 12 digits with no dashes.

How do I start a Pepco service?

Start service at a new address. Moving within Pepco’s service territory? Stop service at your current address and start at your new address….You’ll need:

  1. My Account login OR to create an online account​
  2. The date you’d like your service to stop.
  3. The mailing address where we should send your final bill.

How do I report a power outage in DC?

MonPower: 1-888-544-4877. See outage map here.

Where can I pay my Pepco bill?

In addition, Pepco customers can pay their electric bills at any branch of SunTrust and Allfirst banks. For more information about Pepco`s bill payment options, call (202) 833-7500, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., or visit Pepco`s Web site

Can I pay my Pepco bill with a credit card?

​Pay by Phone​ Pay your bill with a credit card, debit card or an electronic funds transfer by calling 202-833-7500. Convenience fees may apply.

Can I view my Pepco bill online?

Your online bill is identical to your current paper bill and is available to view, download, or print at any time.

What is a Pepco account?

​​​​​​​​​​​​Your Pepco online account includes more than just your recent gas or electric bill. It contains tools and detailed energy usage information. By tracking your energy use, comparing usage trends, and discovering the results of energy-saving practices, you can manage your energy more efficiently.​

How do I set up Pepco in DC?

To Start Your Service

  1. If you are a new customer entering our service area, fill out the Start Service form.
  2. Or contact us at 202-833-7500.

How long does it take to set up Pepco?

​​From the day you or your contractor first submits a complete application to the day ​Pepco issues your final Authorization to Operate, including the time it takes your contractor to install the solar generating system, the interconnection process in the District of Columbia takes approximately 80 business days.

Is there a power outage in DC?

The map below contains current power outages in the District of Columbia. This map is updated every 10 minutes….Customer Outages.

County State Customers Out
District of Columbia DC 0

How long does food last in a refrigerator without power?

4 hours
If the doors stay closed, food will stay safe for up to: 4 hours in a refrigerator. 48 hours in a full freezer; 24 hours in a half-full freezer.