How do I listen to BBC Music introducing?

By signing into the Introducing Uploader and letting us know your postcode, we can send your music to your closest BBC Music Introducing show. Every BBC Local Radio station across England and the Channel Islands broadcasts a BBC Music Introducing programme from 8pm on Saturday evenings.

How do I listen to BBC Radio Kent?

BBC Kent live – 96.7-104.2 MHz FM, Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom | Online Radio Box.

Where is BBC Radio Kent based?

Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells
We’re based at the BBC’s studios for the South East on Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells. If you have any comments about our coverage or a story suggestion for News Online only, please send an e-mail to: [email protected].

How do I get radio Kent?

To listen to BBC Radio Kent as normal, you’ll just need to tune your radio to the right frequency – 96.7 FM for north and west of the county and 104.2 FM for east Kent.

How long does it take for BBC Introducing to play your song?

How long does it take to listen to my music? Because of the volume of music submitted through the Uploader we advise artists that it can sometimes take up to 6 months (and occasionally longer) to get heard. The local Introducing radio show assigned to your Profile listen to as much new music as they can.

How can I get BBC Radio 6?

Interested in getting your music played on 6 Music? Then you’ll need to send your CD to Jeff Smith, the head of music at the station. He meets with his team on a weekly basis to discuss the playlist and if he likes your music it will be considered. You can also send your music directly to a producer or presenter.

Is radio Kent on DAB?

BBC Radio Kent is also available on 774 AM and on DAB.

What frequency is LBC radio on?

97.3 MHz

Frequency DAB: 11D Digital One DAB+: 6C DigiB (Malta) FM 97.3 MHz London Freesat: 734 Freeview: 732 Sky (UK only): 0124 TalkTalk TV: 627 Virgin Media: 919
Format Talk radio

How many listeners does BBC Kent have?

BBC Radio Kent is the BBC’s local radio station serving the county of Kent. It broadcasts on FM, DAB, digital TV and via BBC Sounds from studios at The Great Hall in Tunbridge Wells. According to RAJAR, the station has a weekly audience of 219,000 listeners and a 3.3% share as of September 2021.

How do I contact radio Kent?

BBC Radio Kent

  1. Main switchboard: 01892 670000.
  2. On-air – call a show: 0800 756 1111 (free from landlines, but calls from mobiles may be charged).
  3. Text number: 81333 and start your message with the word “KENT”. You will be charged at your standard message rate.
  4. Travel desk: 0500 827362.

What band is radio 4?


Radio 1 97-99 FM
Radio 2 88-91 FM
Radio 3 90-93 FM
Radio 4 92-95 FM, 103-105 FM (with local variations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) For Long Wave and Medium Wave frequencies, see below.
Radio 5 Live 909/693 MW

Do you get paid for BBC Introducing?

How much will I get paid? 50% of what we receive for your track(s) pro-rated across the total number of tracks used.