How do I get rid of tomato nematodes?

Other options include adding valuable organic matter that helps support your tomatoes, using soil solarization to kill the nematodes with heat, or fallowing the garden and rototilling it every two weeks to prevent weed establishment.

What to plant to get rid of nematodes?

These include:

  1. Painted Daisy – kills nematodes when used as a green manure.
  2. French Marigold – kills nematodes when used as a green manure.
  3. Dahlia – repels nematodes.
  4. Castor Bean – kills nematodes when used as a green manure.
  5. Partridge Pea – reduces populations of peanut root knot nematode.

What is the best strategy for nematode control?

The most reliable practices are preventive, including sanitation and choice of plant varieties. You can reduce existing infestations through fallowing, crop rotation, and soil solarization. However, these methods reduce nematodes primarily in the top foot or so of the soil, so they are effective only for about a year.

How do I get rid of nematodes in my vegetable garden?

To kill nematodes in soil, heat small quantities of moist soil to 140°F in the oven or by solarization. Heating soil in the oven over a time period needed to bake a medium-sized potato placed in the center of the soil is sufficient to kill nematodes; however, this is only practical for small quantities of soil.

How do I control nematodes in my garden?

What tomatoes are nematode resistant?

Resistance doesn’t mean they won’t get nematodes but they are able to resist them enough to produce a harvest. Resistant tomato varieties include ‘Better Boy’, ‘Tycoon’, ‘Celebrity’, ‘Big Beef’, ‘Lemon Boy’, ‘Sweet Chelsea’ and ‘Supersweet 100’.

How do you prevent root knot nematode?

Keep marigolds free of grass and weeds to prevent nematodes from feeding on roots other than marigolds. Plant vegetables sensitive to root-knot nematodes — such as tomatoes, okra, lima beans, beans and others — in the marigold area the following spring.

What do nematodes look like on tomatoes?

Identification. If you think your plants are infected, dig up a plant, rinse the soil off the roots and inspect them. Nematodes present as tumour-like growths on the roots, which may be tiny or take over the entire root system.

How do I get rid of nematodes in my garden?