How do I find the ISPF dataset?

To display a list of all your data set names in ISPF/PDF, select the UTILITIES option (option 3) from the ISPF/PDF Primary Option Menu, and from the Utility Selection Menu, select the DSLIST option (option 4).

How do I change my display settings in mainframe?

In the Default Screen Model Type group, select the screen size you will be using….Display Settings

  1. Start a BlueZone Mainframe display session.
  2. On the BlueZone MenuBar, go to Session:Configure, and choose the 3270 Emulation tab.
  3. In the Features group, place a check in all three check boxes:

How do I save ISPF settings?

The following describes option values use.

  1. SAVE — Enter SAVE in the command line to save the option values displayed from the Utility Options screen to the user’s ISPF Profile.
  2. END — Press F3 (End) to save the options for the current batch copy only.

What is ISPF mainframe?

Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) is a software product for the z/OS operating system that runs on IBM mainframes. It includes a screen editor, the user interface of which was emulated by some microcomputer editors sold commercially starting in the late 1980s, including SPFPC.

What is ISPF list dataset?

ISPF helps you get hardcopy listings of source modules, and maintains a log of significant user activities. These items are kept in data sets called the list data set and the log data set, respectively. When needed, the two data sets are allocated automatically. They are temporary data sets named: prefix.

How do I find a dataset in mainframe?

To start the search, press the Enter key from the DSLIST Srchfor Options panel. To cancel the request and return to the Data Set List, enter END or CANCEL. Output is in the listing DSN you specify and in the MESSAGE field in the DSLIST. Sort on this field to consolidate results.

What is ISPF full form?

The Interactive System Productivity Facility/Program Development Facility (ISPF/PDF) is a set of panels that helps you manage libraries of information on the MVS™ system.