How do I delete old events in ICAL?

You can manually delete an event. You can also set Calendar preferences to hide past events automatically. In Calendar on, do any of the following: Delete an event you own: Double-click the event to select it, then click Delete.

How do I delete all past events in Apple Calendar?

If you are viewing the events in the Calendar. app on a Mac, it will be as simple as selecting the calendar in the sidebar of the Calendar app, ctrl-clicking it, then selecting “Delete”. So, import your new events to a separate new iCloud calendar, and when you want to delete all of them, delete the calendar.

How do I delete multiple events in Windows Calendar?

To select contiguous calendar items, click the first item, hold down your SHIFT key, and click the last item. To select non-contiguous items, hold down the CTRL key. 4. Click DELETE.

How do I delete an event in Windows Calendar?

Step 1: In the Calendar app, click on the event entry to view a small flyout showing more details about the event. Step 2: Click on the event name in the flyout to start editing the same. Step 3: To delete the selected event, click on the Delete option.

Does Apple calendar delete old events?

The iPhone automatically deletes old appointments if you have synced the Calendar app with iCloud or another calendar sharing service. The other likely possibility is that if you have shared your calendar with someone else, that person has editing permissions to add or delete events from the shared calendar.

How do I reset my Apple Calendar?

Refresh a subscribed calendar

  1. In the Calendar app on your Mac, Control-click the calendar’s name, then choose Get Info.
  2. Click the Auto-refresh pop-up menu, then choose an option.

How do I delete old calendar appointments in Outlook?

Manually click to select the old appointments and right click on them. Then click Delete from the right-clicking menu. Or you can just press the Delete key on the keyboard to delete the selected appointments.

How do I permanently delete a calendar event in Outlook?


  1. In Calendar, click View.
  2. In the Current View group, click Change View, and then click List.
  3. Click in the item list, and then hold the Shift key and select all events to be deleted.
  4. Press Delete.

How do you delete a calendar event in Windows 11?

If you want to create more than one event in a day, click the ‘New event’ button below the events. Now, you can either edit the event and save it or click the ‘Delete’ button in the top left and select ‘Delete event’ to remove the event from the calendar.

How do I edit Windows calendar?

In the calendar, select the calendar event, and then select Edit. If this is a recurring meeting or appointment, you will also have to choose one of the following: This event: Choose this option to open and make changes to the event you’ve selected in the calendar.

How far back does the Apple calendar go?

Answer: A: Calculators with a calendar facility normally go back as far as 1904, or sometimes 1901, because of the leap year odditiy (2000 was a leap year but 1900 wasn’t) so for two centuries the every four years rules works, but not before 1901.

Why does Apple calendar delete past events?