How do I call the Jubal show?

😬 Text us about it NOW at 41061 and you might get a call from Alex and Jubal!

What year did 96 rock start?

As 96 Rock, the station began airing rock music in 1974, and counts among its many disc jockeys over the years “Skinny Bobby” Harper, who television creator Hugh Wilson says was the inspiration for the Dr. Johnny Fever character on the 70s and 80s sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati.”

Why was the Jubal Show Cancelled?

As an article by Radio + Television Business Report reveals, Jubal practically vanished from the program in early 2020. According to the outlet, this might have had to do with creative differences between him and one of the newly appointed producers.

Is 96 Rock coming back in 2021?

July 1, 2021 – iHeartMedia Atlanta announced today the return of 96 Rock, effective immediately.

Where is Christopher rude now?

Rude is currently hosting mornings on a Winder rock station 107.1/WJBB-FM, and the station on Facebook noted that he will be off the air the next week or two while he recovers. (The station’s limited FM signal covers mostly three counties: Barrow, Jackson and Clarke.

Did Brooke and Jubal split?

Jubal Fresh (aka Jubal Flagg) announced his departure from Brooke & Jubal In The Morning on April 11, after nine years spent working on the popular radio show. The YouTuber, comedian, and podcaster has been absent from the program since the beginning of 2020.

Where did Jubal fresh go?

In addition to his work as a radio show host, Jubal runs a successful YouTube channel under his own name, and a podcast series, Fresh Till Death. It’s understood that he will be focusing on his career as a podcaster for the time being.

What is Jubal’s job?

Jubal Valentine is an Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Office on FBI.

What happened to 96 Rock?

The station aired on 96.1 on the FM dial in Atlanta from 1974 to 2006. iHeartMedia Thursday revived the classic Atlanta rock station 96rock as a digital-only station on its app.

Why did 96 Rock get Cancelled?

The edgy and popular Regular Guys on Atlanta’s 96rock (WKLS-FM) have been fired by station owners Clear Channel Communications after a March 19 incident in which the deejays’ show aired graphic sexual content.

What is Jubal doing now?