How do Bajau people dive?

In a striking example of natural selection, the Bajau people of South-East Asia have developed bigger spleens for diving, a study shows. The Bajau are traditionally nomadic and seafaring, and survive by collecting shellfish from the sea floor.

How long can Bajau divers hold their breath?

13 minutes
Meet the Bajau sea nomads — they can reportedly hold their breath for 13 minutes. The Bajau people’s nomadic lifestyle has given them remarkable adaptions, enabling them to stay underwater for unbelievable periods of time.

Why can Bajau hold their breath?

Her theory was that these “Sea Nomads” had been genetically adapted to their living environment and something within their bodies has changed, allowing them to hold their breath for so long without any exercise.

What are Badjao people known for?

Malaysia/Indonesia – The Badjao are a sea-dwelling tribe, often known as the “Sea Nomads”, who have been floating off the shores of Southeast Asia for centuries. As a nomadic tribe living in stilt huts or boat houses on shallow waters, they make their living from traditional free-diving for fish and pearls.

How do the Bajau people puncture their eardrums?

Since diving is an everyday activity, the Bajau deliberately rupture their eardrums at an early age. “You bleed from your ears and nose, and you have to spend a week lying down because of the dizziness,” says Imran Lahassan, of the community of Torosiaje in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Why do Bajau people have bigger spleens?

It’s a gene active in the thyroid gland that regulates the release of hormones. The version of the PDE10A gene found in the Bajau was studied in rodents and found to be associated with higher levels of hormones, which can cause the spleen to grow larger.

Do the Bajau people puncture their eardrums?

Can the Bajau people see underwater?

They are uniquely adapted to this job – because they can see underwater. And it turns out that with a little practice, their unique vision might be accessible to any young person.

Why do Badjao live in the sea?

Other tribes looked down on these fisher folk and did refer to them as palao or lumaan (God forsaken), the Badjao were influenced by Islam, but the continuous pressure put on by other Muslim tribes forced them to move to the sea, which gave them greater chances of escape in the case of an attack by hostile tribes.

What is the costume of Badjao?

Focusing on their mode of dressing the traditional attire of a Badjao is the “patadjong.” It has many uses. They are made large enough to fit any person and are used by both men and women as a skirt or gown tucked at the chest level.

Where do the Bajau people use the bathroom?

But most homes still use bucket showers, and toilets are simply holes cut in the floor through which waste drops into the ocean. Many people have cell phones, though the service is spotty, and some—including Hu’s hosts—have satellite television.

What do the Bajau people eat?

The Bajau get most of their food directly from the ocean. They eat everything from many kinds of fish to sea urchins and octopi, all of which they catch mostly by spearfishing or gathering at low tide. Underwater, Bajau are famous for being able to hold a breath for several minutes.