How can I make my college move in day easier?

College Move-In Day: 21 Tips to Make it Stress-Free and Fun

  1. Plan Ahead.
  2. Call the College Ahead of Time if You Plan to Elevate Your Bed.
  3. Talk to Your Roommate in Advance if You Want to Coordinate Dorm Colors.
  4. Coordinate Your Move-In Day with Your Roommate.
  5. Bring Help.
  6. Bring a Dolly or Cart.
  7. Pack a Toolkit.

What should I wear on move in day college?

Move-in day is a good opportunity to flirt with your hot dorm mates (more on that later), but it’s also not a beauty pageant. Wear clothes you can actually do some lifting in, and keep it simple: T-shirt, shorts, sneakers.

Is college move in day awkward?

Myth: You Will Immediately Be Friends with Your Roommate While this definitely can happen, most of the time move-in day will be awkward for both of you. You’ve been left to take care of yourselves, and that can be really stressful for some people.

What is the best time to move into a dorm?

The majority of colleges will host fall move-in day during the month of August. On average, move-in day is typically around August 15th-20th, or 1-4 days prior to the start of classes. During the spring semester, classes will typically start in mid-late January, and you will move back into the dorms the weekend prior.

Is college move-in stressful?

Moving to college and into the dorms can be a stressful experience, but it can be much less stressful and much more fun if you’re prepared – you want to do as much as possible ahead of move-in day to alleviate stress.

What does college move-in day look like?

Move-in day is usually crammed full of events, meetings, and to-dos, so sticking to your assigned move-in time is of high importance. Every minute of your move-in day is scheduled for a reason: there is a lot to cover and all of it is important. Go to every event you’re assigned to, be there on time, and take notes.

Do parents help college students move in?

Start Packing Early Packing, especially if you’ve never done it, is time-consuming! Remember, parents do help college students move in, but not if they’re not packed! It takes hours to pack up your stuff, even if you don’t have a whole lot.

Can you move into college before move in day?

At some large universities, move-in dates (or times) depend on the dorm to which you are assigned. Memorize these important dates. You cannot move in any earlier. If you do a have a significant window of time between the beginning of your lease and your first day of orientation, consider your options.

What to do when you first move into a dorm?

24 Tips for Moving a College Kid into the Dorm:

  1. Before you move one item in clean everything in the room.
  2. Bring a tool kit.
  3. Stock up on Command Hooks®
  4. Stay hydrated and bring snacks.
  5. Let your college kid take the lead.
  6. Don’t hang around too long.
  7. Pack all hanging clothes ON the hangers.
  8. Do not overpack.

How do you prepare to move into a dorm?

10 Tips for an Easy Dorm Move-In Day

  1. of 10. Check the Paperwork.
  2. of 10. Pack Only the Essentials.
  3. of 10. Use Storage Bins.
  4. of 10. Sort and Organize Groceries.
  5. of 10. Pack Seasonal and Casual.
  6. of 10. Bring Tools & Basic First Aid Supplies.
  7. of 10. Don’t Forget Treasures.
  8. of 10. Ship Items or Buy Them When You Get There.

What happens on college move-in day?