Did Great White survive the fire?

Jeff Derderian: We tried to get as far as we could. We couldn’t make it. About 40 seconds after the song began, Great White stopped the show and all but one member of the band escaped through the stage door exit.

How did the collective fire start?

All times are EET. About an hour and a half before midnight, the club was engulfed in flames because of a spark set off by pyrotechnics. Some witnesses said there was an explosion, but this was disputed and later dismissed by other sources.

What is considered America’s Deadliest Rock Concert?

On February 20, 2003, the deadliest rock concert in U.S. history took place at a roadhouse called The Station in West Warwick, Rhode Island. That night, in the few minutes it takes to play a hard-rock standard, the fate of many of the unsuspecting nightclub patrons was determined with awful certainty.

What’s America’s Deadliest Rock Concert?

America’s deadliest rock concert began in West Warwick, Rhode Island, when the band Great White ignited pyrotechnics inside a run-down roadhouse called the station. The resulting conflagration killed 100 persons and grievously injured many others.

What rock concert killed 100 people in a fire?

The Station nightclub fire

Date February 20, 2003
Location West Warwick, Rhode Island, U.S.
Coordinates 41°41′03.5″N 71°30′39″W
Cause Ignition of acoustic foam by use of fireworks
Deaths 100 4 in hospitals

How do I watch the guest list?

The Guest List will premiere on the REELZ channel at 8 pm on Sunday, February 20. It will replay on Sunday, February 20 at 11 pm and on Sunday, February 27 at 3 pm. Use your zip code on this channel finder on REELZ to find the channel you can watch the documentary on.

What was the world’s most deadliest rock concert?