Did Adrian have a baby secret life?

In the two-part season finale, Ben and Adrian are living together in their condo and Adrian begins to sense that something might be wrong with their baby. They decide to call the doctor, who has them meet her at the hospital as soon as possible. Adrian gives birth to their stillborn daughter. They named her Mercy.

Who is the father of Amy’s baby secret life?

They soon fall in love, and the two stay together throughout the season, even after Ben reveals to Amy he knows’ that she is pregnant with Ricky’s baby (What Have You Done to Me?).

Does Ricky get custody of John?

Ricky takes the case to a mediator after using Adrian and Amy’s idea against them. When Amy decides that Ricky would be a good father to John, the mediator grants Ricky joint custody of John.

Does Ricky cheat on Amy with Adrian?

It is also shown in Season Three Episode 26, after Ben and Adrian’s daughter died he went back to the butchershop apartment and slept with Amy despite knowing both Ben and Adrian were heart-broken.

Is Anne’s baby George’s?

Anne Donna Scott, previously Anne Juergens, is the daughter of Robert and Mimsy; the mother of Amy Juergens, Ashley Juergens, and Robert Scott Johnson; the ex-wife of George Juergens; and the grandmother of John Juergens.

Do George and Kathleen get married?

In season five, George and Kathleen get married.

Do Grant and Grace sleep together?

Grace goes to Africa and cheats on her then-boyfriend Grant with a college boy (that she slept with) named Daniel. When Kathleen meets Daniel, she is very uncertain if the two should be together. Grace was at the hospital when Adrian and Ben lost their baby.

Does Amy find out Ben took her rings?

Elsewhere, Amy accuses Ben of stealing her engagement rings. Ben explains that, while they were on the plane, they were falling off her finger. Thinking he was helping, he took them off, but Amy moved her hand, so he couldn’t get them back onto her and he put them in his pocket.