Can you get takeaway at Centre Parcs?

How do I order takeaway? To place an order, simply visit our restaurants page and choose an offering.

How far in advance can you book restaurants at Centre Parcs?

You can pre-book your restaurant reservations four weeks before you arrive, giving you time to decide what delicious food to choose. Or have your favourites delivered to the comfort of your lodge, with our restaurant delivery service.

Do you need to take toilet roll to Centre Parcs?

Do You Need To Take Toilet Roll To Center Parcs? Each toilet within your lodge comes with 2 rolls each, once they are used up they will not be replenished. It is best to take a pack of toilet rolls along with the other items you need to take to Center Parcs such as toiletries and clothing.

Can you swap guests at Centre Parcs?

Edit guest and vehicle details You can do this on the edit guests and vehicle details pages in your account, and can be done at any time before your arrival, as many times as you need.

Is there a Pret in Centre Parcs?

Your visit to Center Parcs is a great opportunity to get some fabulous pictures you’ll treasure for years. There’s a Pret-a-Portrait Photography Studio in every village, where you’ll find a range of different shoots on offer to suit guests of all ages and groups of all sizes.

Can you eat in Centre Parcs for the day?

Sports Café is open all day for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Choose a hearty meal or a light bite, accompanied by a craft beer or a hot drink.

Do I need washing up liquid at Centre Parcs?

They are located in the forest and designed so that the view from the living area is of uninterrupted nature. The kitchens are reasonably well equipped but you do need to take dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, washing up cloths, t-towels and kitchen towels as well as food and drink of course.

Can two families share a lodge at Centre Parcs?

Yes they can stay, your lodge accommodates 8 people. Just add on your booking. We’ve stayed many times at centre Parcs and have done this with no problem.